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Gardening, pets, kids, books, universal Healthcare, socialist democrats, environment, wfpb eating.


80s, 90s, 30s, 20s, 60s, 70s, big band, Tuvan throat singing, indigenous music and dance, ethnomusicology, Celtic, shamanic rhythms, some trance, choir and choral, all kinds of stuff.


Raising Arizona, Rushmore, 10 things I hate about you, Monty Python movies, John Waters; Bridesmaids made me laugh for a million reasons. I love fart jokes and poop jokes that are vulgar, but I hate poop visuals. I love horror movies, but not the kind where people are tortured and cut up or die in gory ways, I like the kind like The Haunting of Emily Rose and Crimson Peak and Event Horizon, Get Out, Antebellum. I love adventure movies like Indiana Jones and Bourne Identity. I love sci fi and fantasy flicks, and have enjoyed a lot of Marevl movies. I enjoy some anime (wolf children, ponyo) but cannot get into it otherwise.


I watch a lot of news. I love series like GOT and Handmaids Tale and I loved mad men and breaking bad, and binge watch when something gets me intrigued. I liked Bosch, but my husband watched it without me and I did not watch much more. I have only liked the first True Detective and the Third one. I liked AHS, biut not every season. My kids are into it now.


Omg BOOKS. I read about 5-7 books a week. I really love sci fi and fantasy, and some of the big emotional recommendations make me happy. I get on kicks of witches, elves, fae, aliens...I will read horror, erotica, serious literature, friend's books. I am re reading Dune in preparation for the new movie. If it is available and in a genre I dig, I may have read it.


Mae Jemison, Lydia Kang, Emilie Buchwald, Emma Goldman, every heretic or Witch persecuted burned for non belief or otherness. I don't like a lot of lauded men. We are all flawed, and that's what makes me love people more. Folks who endure and yet are not judgy or critical or unsupported of people still struggling are the heroes I delight in most.

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About me:

Got kids, pets, husband, job, pals, and am vaxxed. Always busy, sometimes a bit bored, sometimes bonkers, think babies are beautiful but women come before babies, barely hanging on before pandemic, even more badass now. I like to garden, we have a lot of pets, and I love the concept of being outdoors in the wild but the reality (no bathrooms, smoke in my hair and clothes, tripping on rocks) is never as fun as it seems. I still do it, but I am almost fifty and I do not like 3 days of camping anymore.

Who I'd like to meet:

Moms and dads like me. Folks with school aged kids, non religious (beliefs are OK as long as you don't get offended by me if I see something that makes me mad or laugh). Gardeners, folks who like all creatures, people who cry during beautiful movies, folks who have weathered heartbreak and abuse and life challenges, and still keep it together, or at least try. No trump supporters, nazis, misogynists, or folks who do not support or respect the spectrums of orientations, of self identity, of love, or of abilities.

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