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"Charging my phone and being bisexual"

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Salem, 22, they only please πŸ’‰ The History of Medicine πŸ’‰ Botany πŸ’‰ Dolls πŸ’‰ War History πŸ’‰ Historical Fashion πŸ’‰ The French Revolution πŸ’‰ Five Nights at Freddy's πŸ’‰ Competitive FPS Games (Splatoon, Killing Floor 2) πŸ’‰ Single Player Games (Cookie Run, HuniePop, Most Match 3 Games (idk the name of my Favorite because it's in Japanese), Kirby games, Mario, Cooking Mama) πŸ’‰ Ect. Games (Dead by Daylight really, idk where to put this one) πŸ’‰ Gothic literature (Edgar Allen Poe is my favorite) πŸ’‰ Realist era literature (Pride and Prejudice is my favorite)


(Forgive me but I grew up in an era where other kids would make fun of you for not using a backwards K when you wrote κ“˜orn and it's stuck with me ever since... and I love witch house uh oh.) πŸ’‰ CORPSE (i like his videos too) Favorite Song: Basic but E-GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE ft. SAVAGE GA$P πŸ’‰ LXST CXNTURY Favorite Song: LOOK AT THE DEVIL πŸ’‰ Kim Dracula Favorite Song: Papparazzi (cover) πŸ’‰ Depeche Mode Favorite Song: People Are People πŸ’‰ Bauhaus Favorite Song: Bela Lugiosi's Dead πŸ’‰ Lil Naz X Favorite Song: INDUSTRY BABY ft. Jack Harlow πŸ’‰ Lil Uzi Vert Favorite Song: Money Longer πŸ’‰ Muse Favorite Song: Uprising πŸ’‰ Pendulum Favorite Song: Blood Sugar πŸ’‰ SUICIDEWΞ›VE Favorite Song: IN Your Ξ£YΞ£S πŸ’‰ FLESH Favorite Song: I Come From Salem πŸ’‰ CHVRN Favorite Song: Cold Sun πŸ’‰ WHITE KATANA Favorite Song: ETERNAL collab ANUBIS-XIII πŸ’‰ IAMX Favorite Song: Volatile Times πŸ’‰ Purity Ring Favorite Song: begin again πŸ’‰ Jazmin Bean Favorite Song: Super Slaughter πŸ’‰ In This Moment Favorite Song: Blood πŸ’‰ Ayesha Erotica (what the stans did ruined Charli for me ngl) Favorite Song: Hard πŸ’‰ Enjoii Favorite Song: Obsess πŸ’‰ SALEM Favorite Song: Trapdoor πŸ’‰ Ghostemane Favorite Song: Mercury: Retrograde πŸ’‰ Christ vs Warhol Favorite Song: Robin Hood In Reverse (cover) πŸ’‰ Carpenter Brut Favorite Song: tie between Leather Teeth and Maniac ft. Yann Ligner πŸ’‰ BABYMETAL Favorite Song: Megitsune πŸ’‰ MYSTXRIVL Favorite Song: Neon collab Enjoii


πŸ’‰ Friday the 13th Franchise πŸ’‰ Bride of Chucky πŸ’‰ Halloween Franchise πŸ’‰ Nightmare on Elm Street πŸ’‰ Psycho Goreman πŸ’‰ Texas Chainsaw Massacre (though it's hard for me to watch lol) πŸ’‰ Cinematic Masterpieces aka Shrek πŸ’‰ Nostalgia for Kung Fu Panda shut up I hear you πŸ’‰ All the Spiderman movies yes including the bad ones I watch slashers for gods sake) πŸ’‰ Malignant πŸ’‰ Aerobicide πŸ’‰ American Psycho


I watch Youtubers lol I'm just gonna list them πŸ’‰ Corpse Husband πŸ’‰ Deadwing Dork πŸ’‰ TRO πŸ’‰ MoistCritikal (I can't stop calling him Critikal instead of Moist he's been critical for so long) πŸ’‰ Yanny πŸ’‰ Oneyplays πŸ’‰ Jerma985 πŸ’‰ Vargeskelethor πŸ’‰ GenoSamuel πŸ’‰ I hate watch LTG yes I am a masochist. πŸ’‰ HeyParis


πŸ’‰ The Secret Garden πŸ’‰ Historical Novels πŸ’‰ Biographies πŸ’‰ Foraging Guides πŸ’‰ Folklore/Myth books πŸ’‰ Anatomy Books (especially vintage) πŸ’‰ Sometimes Fanfiction πŸ’‰ Scientific Papers πŸ’‰ Research Papers πŸ’‰ Trashy Magazines (just for fun) πŸ’‰ Edgar Allen Poe πŸ’‰ Jane Austen πŸ’‰ I used to really like Warrior Cats πŸ’‰ Narnia


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