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"the worlds #1 weeping dipshit"

15 yrs ★ he/they ★ #1 fall out boy & frnkiero fan

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music, art, film, writing; analog & psychological horror, aliens and the supernatural/paranormal, vampires, greek mythology, philosophy, chemistry & science, alternative subcultures; I like learning about them a lot. clowns, collecting rubber ducks & vintage dolls, collecting vinyls and CD’s. I also play a few instruments and want to be in a band someday, and i'm aiming to get a degree in audio engineering after high school. I love music a lot.



the academy is…, against me!, alice in chains, avenged sevenfold, bikini kill, blink-182, britney spears, circa survive, cobra starship, the cure, death spells, deftones, descendants, the distillers, fall out boy, foo fighters, frank iero, gerard way, godsmack, green day, hole, iron maiden, jawbreaker, joy division, kittie, korn, laura jane grace, leathermouth, linkin park, los campensinos!, los viejos, l.s. dunes, megadeth, melanie martinez, metallica, misfits, mitski, my chemical romance, nirvana, the offspring, olivia rodrigo, panic! at the disco (just afycso honestly), pantera, paramore, patrick stump, pearl jam, pencey prep, pierce the veil, p!nk, queen, radiohead, rage against the machine, rancid, red hot chilli peppers, rise against, secondhand socialites, sleeping with sirens, slipknot, smashing pumpkins, snot, soundgarden, stone temple pilots, system of a down, taking back sunday, thursday, the used, weezer, the white stripes, will wood (and the tapeworms), and a lot more

I'm also not that picky so I'll listen and enjoy just a bunch of stuff


american psycho, BASEketball, bottoms, the breakfast club, the craft, dazed and confused, deadpool, diary of a whimpy kid: roderick rules, dinner in america, fantastic mr. fox, five nights at freddy’s, the goofy movies, interview with the vampire, invader zim: enter the florpus, jennifers body, juno, legally blonde, the lego batman movie, the lost boys, mean girls, metal lords, pearl, perks of being a wallflower, pretty in pink, rocky horror picture show, rushmore (my all-time favourite), scott pilgrim vs. the world, scream (1996), the shining, sixteen candles, spiderman (all of them), stigmata, studio ghibli films, superbad, tim burton films, the truman show


brooklyn 99, community, final space, futurama, harley quinn, inside job, invader zim, midnight gospel, reservation dogs, rise of the teenage mutant ninja turtles, scott pilgrim takes off, sonic prime, south park, tear along the dotted line/this world can’t tear me down, the umbrella academy, undergrads, what we do in the shadows,

Video Games

animal crossing new horizons & new leaf, deltarune, farmville 2 (mobile games peaked with this one), five nights at freddy’s, imscared, kinitopet, the mother series, night in the woods, paper mario (2001), sally face, stardew valley, super mario 64, tomodatchi life, undertale


the absolutely true diary of a part-time indian by sherman alexie, autobiographies, calvin and hobbes, the catcher in the rye by j.d. salinger, deathwish series, doom patrol - the ones by grant morrison, never goodnight by coco moodysson, none of this rocks: a memoir by joe trohman, not the life it seems by tom bryant, the true lives of the fabulous killjoys: california & national anthem by gerard way and shaun simon, the umbrella academy by gerard way,


frank iero

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About me:

gerard, or just G, i'm 15 yrs old & half a boy. he/they pronouns. i love music a whole lot, and my favourite band ever is fall out boy(!!!!)

i'm also crap at talking to people literally anywhere, so, sorry if you message me or anything and i can only offer a half-assed reply. i'm working on it.

Who I'd like to meet:

anyone with similar interests, other alternative people, etc. just anyone. don't be weird, though.

DNI people who like gore, tcc, etc. any of that shit stay the fuck away from me. also Jimmy Urine and Ronnie Radke dickriders

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𝐀ng𝔢l’𝐬 𝐂𝔬rp𝔰𝐞 ♡

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thx 4 adding me u seem cool as hell

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bromine [br]

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omg your music taste is so cool !!!

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izzie >_< !!

izzie >_< !!'s profile picture

omg ur so c0ol !! i <3 ur vinyl collection i collect vinyls too ;-)

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sasquatch (wicketmaster)

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cool layout! and thx for the frq

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just noticed you have tear along the dotted line and this world cant bring me down i love thoes shows still watch tear when im bored

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woodlouse ✰°.ೃ࿔*:・

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ur so cool that i acc don’t know what to do. like how am i meant to carry on my day knowing that someone as cool as u is j roaming freely in society

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thank you dude this is genuinely the best thing I've ever been told 🙏 ALSO I LOVE CAMPENSINOS! TOO UGH I NEVER SEE ANY LC! FANS ANYWHERE

by G; ; Report

ALSJDLAKDKDLSKDJDJS YESS I SAW THE “#1 weeping dipshit” IN UR PROFILE AND THATS HOW I KNEW THAT I MUST ADD U IMMEDIATELY!!! lc! fans are too far and too few we gotta stick together when we can 🙏🙏

by woodlouse ✰°.ೃ࿔*:・; ; Report


by G; ; Report

Toby.is.missing (WIP)

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meanie /j

by G; ; Report


by Toby.is.missing (WIP); ; Report


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i didnt have my headphones in the first time i viewed this blog i just realized that music automatically plays on it. i feel like im at da clubbbbbbb. what song is it?

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choke on one another by death spells!!

by G; ; Report

thank you!!

by sode; ; Report

Charlie!! 🍉

Charlie!! 🍉's profile picture

i love ur profile!!! u also have amazing music taste omg

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your profile looks super cool and i love your music and movie tastes!! may one thousand boons be laid upon you <|:)

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jamie :3

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you have AMAZING music taste omg :0

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NP DUDE!! :33

by G; ; Report


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OMGGG YOUR MUSICAL TASTE IS SO COOL AND I LOVE YOUR PROFILE!! thanks for adding you look so niceee!!<3

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sal ⦻

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DUDE ur so cool!!!!! tysm for the addd

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thank you dude,, you're so cool as well!!!

by G; ; Report


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Your profile it’s so cool, you have amazing taste in music

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so glad to be ur friend dude, u sound awesome!! X0

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if having good music taste was a crime you would be on death row

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dude thank you I take so much pride in my music taste

by G; ; Report


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Thanks for the add I LOVE your profile!!!! X3

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