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"Learning about flowers 💐"

28, Enby(they/them), Sagittarius

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Mood: Depressed but hanging in there~

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I actually have a wide range of interests and find everything genuinely fascinating in one way or another

writing, drawing, gaming(all kinds), philosophy, astrology, cats, researching random stuff, arts & crafts, singing, nature walks, drinking tea, skincare, Sanrio (especially Cinnamoroll), mythology, history, stories, adventures, organizing, Dungeons & Dragons, cosplay, music, learning, singing, dancing, yoga, reading...


Last listened to: Sleeping with Sirens


Haven't watched any recently.


Currently, re-watching Criminal Minds
Started Hotel Del Luna
Just finished Mystic Pop-up Bar.
Also: ANIME.


Currently reading: "you do you" by Sarah Knight.


My cat 🐈‍⬛

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When I'm not online here I'm probably playing video games, drawing, or going on mini adventures :)

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WHAT'S going on Pocket Fairy!?!? I hope you are having a GREAT day!

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I am having a great day! I'm doing well! How about yourself?

by ✧ Ꭾσƈӄɛȶ; ; Report

𓂀 𝙆ꪖ𝓲𝘴ꫀ𝘳 K̸V̸L̸T̸ [𝕏𝕏𝕀]™

 𓂀 𝙆ꪖ𝓲𝘴ꫀ𝘳 K̸V̸L̸T̸ [𝕏𝕏𝕀]™'s profile picture


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Hello to you as well! How are you doing?

by ✧ Ꭾσƈӄɛȶ; ; Report

Munchin on a few snacks, you?

by 𓂀 𝙆ꪖ𝓲𝘴ꫀ𝘳 K̸V̸L̸T̸ [𝕏𝕏𝕀]™; ; Report

Out for a Father's Day Dinner! What snacks?

by ✧ Ꭾσƈӄɛȶ; ; Report

How awesome! ..I ate some Korean candy! :)

by 𓂀 𝙆ꪖ𝓲𝘴ꫀ𝘳 K̸V̸L̸T̸ [𝕏𝕏𝕀]™; ; Report

Ooh yummy! What kind?

by ✧ Ꭾσƈӄɛȶ; ; Report

Oh I've never had those before! What do they taste like?

by ✧ Ꭾσƈӄɛȶ; ; Report

You ever tried KIX cereal?

by 𓂀 𝙆ꪖ𝓲𝘴ꫀ𝘳 K̸V̸L̸T̸ [𝕏𝕏𝕀]™; ; Report

I don't think so

by ✧ Ꭾσƈӄɛȶ; ; Report

Well they taste like cereal in a good kind of way. :)

by 𓂀 𝙆ꪖ𝓲𝘴ꫀ𝘳 K̸V̸L̸T̸ [𝕏𝕏𝕀]™; ; Report

I like cereal xD

by ✧ Ꭾσƈӄɛȶ; ; Report

Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds or Count Chocula. I have a wide range of likes lol

by ✧ Ꭾσƈӄɛȶ; ; Report