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i play pokemon go evveryday

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homestuck <3 | FILTHY FRANK!! :D and in general a bunch of old youtube stuff | politics | history | language learning | hetalia | pokemon | mlp | pjsk | cs2/csgo


the smiths | weezer | goreshit | mitski | mindless self indulgence | pink guy


austin powers!!! | mean girls | napoleon dynamite | the hot chick | borat | friday | superstar | mid90s | as you are | how to lose a guy in 10 days


breaking bad | south park | american dad | regular show | young sheldon | azumanga daioh | k-on!


all i read is homestuck lil bro



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my bday is oct 4th, i'm 13, I LOVE HOMESTUCK!! prince of hope + derse dreamer, eridan ampora fictionkin, he/she pronouns, im genderfluid (also holy shit my thing is messed up on mobile sorry just turn your phone landscape mode)

Who I'd like to meet:

your mom.. Oh wait. I already did. haha. last nigh.t. get it?

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ivorin (val)

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yo thanks for the add!!! you look super cool and I luv ur layout

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thank u, ur profile is pretty epic ^_^

by ☆ Ray / Eri ☆; ; Report


ampora's profile picture

hey,,, wwhy do you havve MY profile picture!?!?!?!

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mine now buddy

by ☆ Ray / Eri ☆; ; Report


🌈 DICE.SYS's profile picture

ur… super cool… 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 thank you for adding me starts convulsing violently

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AH THANK YOU you're literally awesome sauce bro!!

by ☆ Ray / Eri ☆; ; Report

onyx / gamz

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TY 4 THE ADDZ!!!!!!!

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of course!! thx for adding me back<3 i HAD TO ADD YOU cus i saw ur homestuck pfp~

by ☆ Ray / Eri ☆; ; Report


by onyx / gamz; ; Report


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Hello ! I am singer songwriter, all mine composition. In Spanish, French, Japonese and English.. OriginalContentArtist. And somes healingMusicvideo
All links in my page. (◠‿◠).

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OKUS DOLPHIN's profile picture

♬ ♫ ♪ Thanx for Add! And welcome Here! I hope you like the Music Tracks & Vids on my Page! ⭐(◕‿◕)⭐ All Links on my Page! Thank You

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♫♪ Thanks! Nice to see you here! Please enjoy our Duo Page Music Tracks & Vids! And maybe Add Us To Your Favorites ☮(ˆ◡ˆ)☮ All Links on our Page! Thank You

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Hey, thanks for accepting my friend request! :D

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yah!! i totally look forward to being friends with u :33

by ☆ Ray / Eri ☆; ; Report