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"let's be astronauts. i want to be lost in the space you take up."

bengali 18 they/he.

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give me all your blinkies x3


honestly i listen to a bunch of things ! pls check out my spotify/ bc idk how to classify my tastes and feel free to give me song recs !


games: sally face ✰ omori ✰ genshin impact ✰ the last of us ✰ undertale ✰ deltarune ✰ doki doki literature club ✰ little nightmares 1&2 ✰ iron lung ✰ five nights at freddy's
& more !
movies: howl's moving castle ✰ into the spider-verse ✰ across the spider-verse ✰ a silent voice
& more !


shows: once upon a time ✰ bojack horseman ✰ the owl house ✰ adventure time ✰ stranger things ✰ avatar: the last airbender ✰ arcane ✰ clone high (seasons 1&2) ✰ inside job ✰ she-ra 2018 ✰ gravity falls ✰ the last of us ✰ helluva boss
anime: the case study of vanitas ✰ death note ✰ attack on titan ✰ panty and stocking ✰ soul eater
& more !


books: kite runner ✰ a thousand splendid suns ✰ maze runner series ✰ the aurora cycle series ✰ red queen series
manga: vanitas no carte ✰ chainsaw man ✰ oyasumi punpun ✰ utsubora ✰ (a little bit of) nana ✰ (halfway through) tokyo revengers
webtoons: ghost eyes ✰ axed ✰ sweet home ✰ cursed princess club ✰ your throne ✰ ruthless ✰ cherry crush ✰ novae ✰ castle swimmer ✰ operation: true love ✰ i'm the grim reaper
& more !


noé archiviste - vanitas no carte: silly guy with a silly cat !
basil - omori: i want to protect him with my life
kel - omori: the big silly.
i'll add more characters as i think of them lol

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About me:

helloo !! my name is dee and im south asian ^_^ i speak english and bengali and im learning a little bit of spanish, i cant read bengali script but i can read romanized bengali (written w english letters) :D

i'm an enthusiast of random fictional characters and i rly enjoy the 2000s - early 2010s aesthetic ! im a bit shy so i might not interact v much but im trying to get out of my shell :] my IMs are always open, i'd love to be moots !

Who I'd like to meet:

some cool people i'd love to meet: fellow bengalis or other south asian/desi people, animanga enjoyers, people that can teach me new languages, bookworms, cat enthusiasts, or anybody else ! you don't have to fall under these to add me, i'd love to talk to you regardless :D i dont mind hanging out with anyone, i love hearing abt ppl's interests even if i am not into them myself !

if i say or do something offensive please tell me and i will correct myself immediately ! if i am a fan of any media from a problematic creator, know that i do not endorse them nor do i support them morally, financially, or in any other way.

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suddenly, kittens!

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hi dee! nice to meet you :D hope you're having a lovely day~ and thx for the req!

if you wanna chat, contact info is on my profile!

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omg thank u for accepting !! nice to meet u too :D i hope ur day is going great as well ! ^_^

by dee ✰; ; Report

i'm sleepy but it's going alright. thank you c:

by suddenly, kittens!; ; Report