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warhammer, my juno-ds, linguistics, art, dancing, chemistry, live music, history (especially 1890s-1910s in america and the prohibition era), ffxiv


sleater-kinney, charmpit, bikini kill, joy division, massive attack, surfbort, hole, lcd soundsystem, placebo, meet me @ the alter, skinny puppy, the sawtooth grin, fiona apple, alanis morissette, casiopea, 2814, title fight, biosphere. my favorite genres are folk, ambient and girls that rock!


recently watched: paranoid park
watch-list: full metal jacket, all quiet on the western front, inglorious bastards


recently watched: regular show
watch-list: better call saul, the fall of the house of usher
my favorite show of all time is adventure time


recently read: amatka by kirin tidbeck, and the hippos were boiled in their tanks by jack kerouac and william s. burroughs
to read: the half-made world by felix gilman, galilee by clive barker, the san veneficio canon by micheal cisco, einstein's dreams by alan lightman, the other side by alfred kubin


kim kitsuragi, my friends

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✶in your monitors + in your hearts✶

🏳️‍⚧️NO TERFS🏳️‍⚧️. i'm 17 years old & i live in ireland. stubborn lesbian punk. i am apart of my local housing co-op, our current initiative is turning abandoned areas into third spaces 🌎💕 most of my blogs revolve around my volunteer work + the shows i go to/play at <3 ❤️❤️❤️

"We live in a world that treats the dead better than the living. We, the living are askers of questions and givers of answers, and we have other grave defects unpardonable by a system that believes death, like money, improves people." - Eduardo galeano, Open Veins of Latin America

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awesome profile!!!!

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ur so cool<333

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rlly sick profile! your music taste is amazing

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FUCKKkk you complimented my music taste before i got to yours 🫢🫢🫢 i actually screamt when i saw you mentioned meet me @ the altar in one of your blogposts.. my fav band evarrrrr ILU

by kat; ; Report

omg tysm! :)))

by finch_kid; ; Report

☆ petrichor

☆ petrichor's profile picture

all of your blinkies are SO REAL

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based vewn enthusiast!!!!!! and sick music taste too :D

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TYSM <33!! i just started playing disco elysium so your profile really excited me! i'm probably going to blog about it when i'm through a sufficient amount of the game, it's so fun. kim kitsuragi is my wife. your music section is really great too :-)

by kat; ; Report

OUR wife... and im always happy to have disco elysium mutuals!! i'll def read ur blog when you publish it :3

by aku; ; Report

we can have joint wife custody, ill take him every 2nd weekend

by kat; ; Report


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I keep forgetting to get to other peoples comments before they get to mine lmao, but I immediately added u cause of the rose pfp, good taste music and all!

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i was actually going to make mine vriska but i don't think i'm ready to out myself to the world as an unabashed vriska apologist. i love that spider 8itch sue me

by kat; ; Report