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"listening to music X3"

15, sweden, infp, taken

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My special interests are Fnaf, mlp, and fashion history Im also a furry(not a zoophile) I enjoy listening to music, reading, playing video games, making Kandi bracelets, and sometimes I play bass or ukulele ig.


MCR, FoB, Chemical Vocation, Bring me the horizon, Falling in reverse(I do not support Ronnie), All time Low, Mother mother, Flyleaf, Car seat headrest, Crywank, Nightcore music, Get scared, Three days grace, Hospital bracelet, and more. (not super into any fandom I just really like the music) (I'm very new to emo music so I'd love to talk to people about it and learn more about emo as a subculture)


most studio Ghibli stuff and other animated movies


My little pony is really the only "television" I watch so yeah


I enjoy fiction and fantasy books. My absolute favourite series is Rangers apprentice. I do enjoy a good history book too


idk ??

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About me:

My name is Mushroom And I use they/them (sometimes he/it aswell) pronouns :) I'd describe my gender as a mix of an old cottage in an enchanted forest and 2005 hot topic XD I'm 15 and I have a partner so don't be weird or something. I have ADHD, Tourettes, and I'm autistic

Who I'd like to meet:

Just other friends since I'm kinda lonely atm. If you want my discord or something send me a dm :)

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DCENJIEDNJKH your profile is so cool!! I love all the gifs! Thanks for accepting my request :)

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:D thank you!!

by (!!!PROFILE FW!!!)mushroom; ; Report


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firstttttt! u look cool! ppl already told u so yeah but i love ur hair look layout and EVERYTHING! btwww yk sppon?? he's meh new frienddd and he's COOL! sure ur just like him! hope we get alongggg! im awkward and crazy but ill stay by ur side no matter what! hope i don't annoy u tho- if there is anything tell me! i can help- or ill tryyyy byeeeeee~!

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Yeah i recently added spoon!! X3
thank you btw!!

by (!!!PROFILE FW!!!)mushroom; ; Report

nppp~! he just went to sleep lol it's late for me just like me ;-; 12:34pm yep! still no sleep TuT

by Sleepy_Head; ; Report

its like 1:40 am here XD

by (!!!PROFILE FW!!!)mushroom; ; Report


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luv ur hair¡ xD

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Thank you :3

by (!!!PROFILE FW!!!)mushroom; ; Report


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colli: thx for the add!

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You look so cool Rawr :p

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by (!!!PROFILE FW!!!)mushroom; ; Report


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ZOMG THX 4 THE ADD!! you seem SO cool :00

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Thank youuuu XD

by (!!!PROFILE FW!!!)mushroom; ; Report

SuburbanGuy (dummy #8)

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thanks for the add! emos only ya feel

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Lmao yeah

by (!!!PROFILE FW!!!)mushroom; ; Report


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Thanks for being a friend 🥀

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Thanks for the add!

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Thanks for being a friend love 💕

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(´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡

by (!!!PROFILE FW!!!)mushroom; ; Report


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Thx for accepting XP love Ur page 🖤

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thank you :D

by (!!!PROFILE FW!!!)mushroom; ; Report