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"rawring at them b!tches"

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cpreepypasta, baking, early 2000s, fnaf, sally face, fran bow, omori, ranfren, pokemon, sonic, cry of fear, final fantasy, life is strange, gorey and creepy stuff, writting poems, true crime, napping u_u zzz


asking alexandria, linkin park, hollywood undead, the used, all time low, avril lavigne, thursday, three days grace, from autumn to ashes, get scared, alesana, killwhitneydead, attack attack, i set my friends on fire, hawthorne heights, the devil wears prada, cute is what we aim for, i hate sex, dot dot curve, ayesha, eminem, amy can flyy, sematary, rucka rucka ali, KMFDM


fight club, midsommar, the prestige, crow, scary movie (all of them lul), ritual, inception, zodiac, as above so below, the conjuring, friday the 13th, pulp fiction, back to the future, mean girls, corpse bride, the hunger, taxi driver, zero day, elephant, trainspotting


south park, invader zim, bee and puppycat, monster high, when they cry, total drama, the walking dead, MLP, baki, gotham, death note, breaking bad, bojack horseman, happy tree friends, amazing world of gumball, skins


naaw i cant read :((


robert smith

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About me:

hii im tobias!:) i struggle a little with forming connections so please stay patient with me, im really trying my best.

Who I'd like to meet:

any1 fun fellow emos and new possible friends. i do have discord too so add me:) moldyq#7688

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✮-jelly's profile picture

thx 4 adding meh :P love ur page and hair!!

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ah thank you so much! c:

by Tobias✮; ; Report


Wubzilla's profile picture

Nice page!

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ah tysm :D

by Tobias✮; ; Report


luzkittenzzz's profile picture

ty for the add back!! <333 i love ur hair

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ofc :) <3 you look rlly cool!

by Tobias✮; ; Report

Lesly's Lullaby

Lesly's Lullaby's profile picture

ty 4 the add back :D! ur page looks so cool i luv mlp n invader zim 2! if u wnna b friendz my messages r open :D

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ofc and id love to be friends :D

by Tobias✮; ; Report


ghost_was_here's profile picture

Dawg your profile is literally so cool :0

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omg thank you so much waa <:o <33

by Tobias✮; ; Report


ellechan's profile picture

ty for adding me! ₊˚ʚ₍ᐢ. ̫.ᐢ₎₊˚✧ ゚. ur profile looks so cool! loving all the blue :3

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oh my gawdd ofc and thank you so much :o

by Tobias✮; ; Report


ramenboi's profile picture

thnx for the add

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sure thing ;)

by Tobias✮; ; Report


xXAviXx's profile picture


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ofc ^_^

by Tobias✮; ; Report


✯XxJaded_JinxxX✯'s profile picture

u seem so cool!! thx 4 acceptin!! :33

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why ofc! u seem cool as fuq too :0

by Tobias✮; ; Report


AZTRO ✰✰'s profile picture


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by Tobias✮; ; Report


SceneKel's profile picture

thx 4 friend requesting me ! ! i love your layout ! ! its sosososo cool ! !

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sure thing and thanq so much :0

by Tobias✮; ; Report

jesse x3

jesse x3's profile picture

omg!! ur page iz so cool!!! i also go by toby and like creepypasta!! O.O

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oh thank yuu! NO WAY WERE TWINNIN XD

by Tobias✮; ; Report


Wilbur's profile picture

Thanx for the ADD!! :D

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ofc your profile kicks ass!!

by Tobias✮; ; Report

miles !

miles !'s profile picture

ur profile is sickk ! thank u for the add :3

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ofc yr lit af :)

by Tobias✮; ; Report


KaiKannibal's profile picture

Thx 4 the add!!!! ur profile is suuuuuper cool!! :DD

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ofc!! :3 i absolutely LUV ur south park persona ;o

by Tobias✮; ; Report


✩d34thm1st✩'s profile picture

zomgg thanx so much 4 the add!! u seem super kool! ^_^

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waah ofc :3 im in love with your profile!!

by Tobias✮; ; Report


RazorGirl!<3's profile picture

Ur profile is so coolll!!! so jelly <3

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aw thank you sm!! your profile is rlly cute :o

by Tobias✮; ; Report


Hunter 's profile picture

Thank you!! For the add!! You seem very cool!!

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ofc and so do u!! ;P

by Tobias✮; ; Report


-JimmyJ-'s profile picture

Thanks for the add, check out my Music sometime=

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xXChaoticMonsterXx's profile picture

Tysm 4 the addd ahh ur so kewl o.O

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Tysm :DD

by xXChaoticMonsterXx; ; Report