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"editing rn ♡\(´▽ `)ノ♡"

call me casper/the cheat ^^ just some random person on the web :3

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Mood: frolicking in flowers :3

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my interest are homestar and pretty blood :3 also homestuck xD and pinky and pepper 4ever plus mlp :33333


tmbg lemon demon sodikken mother mother miski


wolf walkers☆south park the movie☆care bears☆(all of them except the new ones)☆


homestar runner☆spy vs spy☆pretty blood☆happy tree friends☆blood bunny☆south park☆


☆dog man☆captain underpants☆sonic comics idw☆homestuck(that pretty much it)


when I learn how to put blinkies/stamps/buttons or gifs I'll put them here

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  • I have adhd and autism
  • I can get sensitive over things I don't understand
  • I have the right to keep anyone off of my blog, if I block you for any reason please just respect my decision and move on. Thank you.
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pretty pls look at my guestbook :3 people with teh same interests :0

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Really neat page!

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Hello! Thanks! I am artist singing in English, Spanish, French & Japanese ♬ ♫ ♪
All my original. If you like to see all my YouTube Videos, they are at: https://www.youtube.com/@IsoaGambel/videos
Have a nice day (◠‿◠).

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i also put the lps cat gif on my profile, we're totally matching! thanks for adding me back :))

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np!1!1!1! I've also noticed da cat on ur profile the same as mine itz so kewl‼️‼️

by 🥩CASPER🍭; ; Report


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i think the homestar cursor is fixed but let me know if it isn't working! :3

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HIYAA!!! im scene too!! im glad we are friendz!! do u make kandi?

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sadly i don't make kandi:( i wish i could tho and yeah i luv scene ^^ is my fav thing 2 talk about XD

by 🥩CASPER🍭; ; Report

xóchitl 🎀

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thx fur the add!! i love tmbg 4ever

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SAME there so silly i <3 there music XD

by 🥩CASPER🍭; ; Report


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hey guys tell me if the homestar runner cursor is working plz really appreciate it >_<

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it's not working :P

by cocaine_enjoyer96; ; Report

thx for telling me XD (i didn't know bc im on mobile)

by 🥩CASPER🍭; ; Report