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25, F, USA

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Video games, cooking, baking, and rarely drawing
Games I like: Old School Runescape, Sea of Thieves, Guild Wars 2, Touhou, Minecraft, Terraria, Pokémon, Fire Emblem, Legend of Zelda, The Sims, Monster Hunter, Stardew Valley, Kenshi, Yume Nikki, .flow, City Skylines, Planet Zoo, and several simulators like Cooking Simulator and House Flipper.


Synthwave, 80s, Video Game OSTs



Various Food Network shows, King of the Hill, Last Man Standing, Malcolm in the Middle, Everybody Hates Chris, Old Spongebob, Chrisley Knows Best, Hell's Kitchen, Bar Rescue, Homestead Rescue, Shark Tank


I don't really read, but I remember enjoying Pilgrim's Progress when I read it for school


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About me:

Hi, I'm Gray as you can see. I was just a few years too young to experience the "Golden Age" of internet so I ended up here. I'm bad at explaining and talking about myself, plus you're biased when you talk about yourself anyway right? I guess I'll say I'm just a proud to be southerner who never grew out of wearing dark clothes and enjoys making edgy video game avatars. Oh and I play video games. A lot. I am a borderline hermit.

I have no DNI list, BUT I am picky about who I accept friend requests from. I don't accept requests from minors unless we talked before, if you have no age listed, your profile is private, are collecting 'friends' to grow your friend list number, have extreme political views, or are openly sexual.
If you aren't any of these and I still rejected it then I dunno I probably just didn't think we would have anything to talk about or something.

Since probably half the users here have a DNI list I'm gonna go ahead and say I am likely on it. I have Autism (Formally Asperger's) so I have several views and opinions that land me on most lists I have seen here.

Who I'd like to meet:

People who miss old internet culture. And I mean the communities, I have no interest in people who go "I can change the CSS rules? Wooooow!!! Just like the Wild West!!!!!" I would also like to meet other pro free speech users as I feel like that what made pre corporate internet great. Meeting other gamers would be cool too.

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reverie99's profile picture

Thanks for adding me! I like your page.

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by Gray; ; Report


JstUrHope's profile picture

Thanks for excepting. Looks like we have some things in common.

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kimchi's profile picture

your profile is so cool!! 80s and synthwave aesthetics on top ..

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Thanks it took me days to do cause I never used html/css before

by Gray; ; Report

doing all that sounds too hard rn .. sob maybe if i have more time .. so proud of you!!!!

by kimchi; ; Report


TheVilified's profile picture

Greetings from the South, thanks for adding me; Had to send you a request, we've got a fair bit in common. Hope you're well, see ya.

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Nice to see another southerner

by Gray; ; Report


Hika 's profile picture

thanks for the add back, very nice profile and taste in vidya games

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</SHALLOWBONES>'s profile picture

SUCH A LOVELY PROFILE! you seem great my guy

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Thank you thank you you seem great too!

by Gray; ; Report


lem.iso's profile picture

based user. love the profile and you seem awesome

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Thanks! Nice to see other based people

by Gray; ; Report


DuckyDanky's profile picture

Thanks for the add btw, your about me be real asf

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Welcome and thanks. I don't know how people decide to talk to others if all they're given is "Hi I'm nice and love making friends!"

by Gray; ; Report

for real, now lets be best friends forever

by DuckyDanky; ; Report

also your pfp is from touhou right, I dont know shit about the lore but I can recognize a touhou character when i see one

by DuckyDanky; ; Report

Sure why not, fellow autist. And yes it's Touhou, I'm bad at the games but I really love the music and character designs. I also love the fanart which is why they're often my pfps

by Gray; ; Report

yeahh I played some touhou games, too hardcore for my taste and I'm not interested at all in tryharding the same shit for hours non-stop. if you happen to have discord i wouldnt mind adding u here to actually chat cuz spacehey cringe asf

by DuckyDanky; ; Report


mba08mc's profile picture

love the vibe of your page

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Thank you evil bread

by Gray; ; Report

That's the best thing anyone has called me all day rofl

by mba08mc; ; Report