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17, he/star

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project sekai/diva, needy streamer overload, ddlc, yttd, omori, witchs heart, tetris, drive cars down a hill


will wood, ptv, ado, mcr, utsu-p, 6arelyhuman, syudou, wonderful★opportunity, kankan, rachie, futakuchi mana, obkatiekat


saw, scream, legally blonde, mean girls


lupin iii, cowboy bebop, madoka magica, high card, kakegurui, alice in borderland, soniani 


sinjin drowning, jarvis johnson, danny, drew + kurtis, ethanisonline, jerma, nexpo


yuri, monika (ddlc), mizuki akiyama, mafuyu asahina, yumemi yumemite, omgkawaiiangel/ame chan, mari (omori)

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About me:

can also call me angel! he/star pronouns OK!! certified silly guy

stamps ^_^

autism tbh creature stamp omnisexual stamp otherkin stamp artistic and autistic stamp neopronouns dont hurt anyone stamp i support self diagnosis stamp i love stamps stamp et me get a fuckin uhhhhhhhh stamp rat stamp i love rats stamp neil banging out the tunes stamp oh my god this stamp is on fire stamp most of my gallery is 100 percent ms paint and im okay with that stamp i believe in ms paint stamp i am way too forgetful stamp what the hell is yoai stamp cat stamp simba cat stamp 2 penis stamp borderline personality stamp i love to eat stamps stamp gibby gob goob caption stamp pokemonscout123 stamp hi silly sophie soap me stamp i enjoy making art in the middle of the night stamp backrooms stamp bad apple stamp spongebob beef blower full episode stamp im a bed person stamp papas burgeria stamp cat on skateboard stamp i want fuit gummy stamp josh hutcherson stamp i cant believe you waited for this to load gif stamp windows 98 stamp cat dancing gif stamp i am childish and i refuse to grow up gif stamp ibis paint x user stamp mr beasst meme gif stamp cat kissing camera stamp ive a lot of ideas but im too lazy to draw them stamp the music i like sucks but i love it anyway stamp roadster drive cars down a hill stamp roadster drive cars down a hill stamp 2 drive cars down a hill kuban stamp monty spin gif stamp kuban explode gif stamp roblox e dance gif stamp sad pou stamp scrubbing bubbles you have no fucking idea what you're up against stamp official stamp collector stamp shut the fuck up oh my god stamp tetris lover stamp you are an idiot virus stamp windows xp stamp justin bieber is NOT my father stamp SUS stamp this stamp is transparent stamp music is my life gif stamp nyan cat gif stamp its ok to be otherkin, goth, emo, scene gif stamp static tv stamp mii wii fan stamp club penguin stamp internet addict gif stamp like the legend of the penis meme stamp caramelldansen gif stamp yeah im silly stamp cat with head in bread gif stamp hello my name is dickhead stamp yes i do crack cocaine, doesnt everyone stamp stamps are for losers ... oh wait stamp hamster gif stamp i drink glitter glue stamp i support umm me gif stamp autism speaks is a scam and a hate group stamp make every character trans gif stamp he is just standing there menacingly woah hes bisexual sonic stamp it looked better in my head drawing gif stamp rockefeller street nightcore stamp various emoticons gif stamp eeper sleeping cat git stamp i heart my brick stamp keep staring i might do a trick stamp i support spoons xd stamp i make typos gif stamp this stamp is all wiggly stamp nintendo switch clicking gif stamp nintendo wii gif stamp nintendo 3ds gif stamp i heart my ds stamp nintendo flipnote stamp omgkawaiiangel stamp omgkawaiiangel stamp 2 omgkawaiiangel cult stamp kangel dark angel transformation stamp angel omgkawaiiangel stamp internet yamero stamp internet yamero stamp 2 emu otori stamp shinonome akito stamp shinonome akito stamp 2 asahina mafuyu turning into trans flag gif stamp tsukasa tenma stamp tsukasa tenma stamp 2 mizuki akiyama stamp mafuyu asahina stamp kanade yoisaki stamp hatsune miku gif stamp kagamine len vocaloid stamp vocaloid text kagamine len and rin and hatsune miku gif stamp kaito vocaloid stamp hatsune miku hearts stamp hatsune miku popipo stamp kasane teto stamp aishite aishite aishite stamp gumi echo vocaloid stamp kaito vocaloid stamp vocaloid vflower stamp triple baka stamp triple baka teto stamp glass animals zaba stamp will wood stamp will wood stamp 2 will wood stamp 3 will wood stamp 4 lemon demon stamp lemon demon logo stamp my chemical romance fan stamp my chemical romance stamp 2 jazmin bean stamp madoka magica stamp madoka magica stamp 2 madoka magica stamp 3 homura akemi madoka magica stamp kyubey madoka magica stamp my melody stamp cinnamoroll stamp ed from cowboy bebop stamp cowboy bebop stamp cowboy bebop stamp 2 lupin the third stamp joe tazuna yttd stamp omori stamp omori stamp 2 omori stamp 3 omori kel stamp omori aubrey stamp sylveon pokemon stamp sylveon stamp 2 shiny sylveon stamp pokemon furret gif stamp pokemon umbreon and sylveon gif stamp pokemon gardevoir and sylveon stamp sylveon stamp 3 team rocket pokemon stamp jirachi pokemon stamp i love cute pokemon stamp mimikyu stamp i am mimikyu stamp shinx stamp litten stamp torracat stamp litten evolution line stamp jirachi stamp cosmog pokemon stamp plusle minun pokemon stamp pokemon i support zubat stamp pokemon zubat and golbat stamp pokemon ash and pikachu gif stamp witchs heart stamp witchs heart stamp 2 witchs heart stamp 3 witchs heart stamp 4 witchs heart stamp 5 yumemi yumemite stamp yumemi yumemite gif stamp sinjin drowning stamp weston koury stamp dazai osamu stamp bungou stray dogs dazai and chuuya stamp jerma985 we are fucking under attack stamp jerma colon three face stamp jerma985 backrooms stamp jerma985 slapping himself stamp jerma985 green screen stamp jerma985 walking stamp jerma985 eating burger stamp jerma985 caramelldansen stamp jerma985 sus rainbow stamp saw series stamp i want to play a game saw stamp amanda young fan stamp amanda young saw trap stamp ghostface scream stamp fnaf stamp fnaf stamp 2 nightmare mangle fnaf stamp 3 fnaf foxy running gif stamp fnaf movie in full gif stamp red guy dhmis stamp monika ddlc stamp yuri ddlc stamp sayori death ddlc stamp ddlc logo stamp giffany gravity falls stamp celestia ludenberg stamp junko enoshima stamp junko enoshima stamp 2 angel devil chainsaw man stamp adagio my little pony stamp aria dusk stamp my little pony sonata my little pony stamp mlp apple jack stamp mlp fluttershy stamp mlp pinkie pie stamp mlp rarity stamp mlp rainbow dash stamp mlp twilight sparkle stamp mlp derpy hooves stamp mlp djpon3 stamp mlp princess luna stamp neko atsume stamp neko atsume stamp 2 neko atsume stamp 3 super sonico stamp princess peach mario stamp mario kart princess peach stamp enderman eyes stamp you died minecraft stamp nether portal vertical stamp animal jam classic black spiked collar stamp animal crossing new leaf stamp animal crossing new horizons stamp bob animal crossing stamp deltarune stamp monster high stamp wicked musical stamp

buttons !

3ds button this is an anti nft site button autism NOW button autism button bad apple button calne ca button cinnamoroll button cat meoow devils button eevee love button emoticon button forever online button furby button graphic design button i hate frozen button i need a nap NOW son button imaginary land button keyboard button kromer button this site is miku approved button minecraft button no effin thanks button omgkawiiangel windose20 button paywalls gatekeep knowledge button powered by bob button seraphim on the ring button splatoon button nintendo switch NOW button trans your gender button trans NOW button windows98 button world is mine miku button

blinkies O.o

1 braincell king blinkie angel from heaven blinkie angel blinkie aw shit blinkie bob the builder blinkie cant spell sus without us blinkie catboy rights blinkie cheese rocks blinkie take a chill pill blinkie da blinkie blinkie the queen died sans blinkie fallen angel blinkie firefox user blinkie fish in a bottle blinkie fnaf :3 blinkie fuck highschool blinkie garfield blinkie get minecraft blinkie i have your ip address blinkie hello 2003 blinkie hello kitty blinkie i am a star blinkie i heart hamsters blinkie i heart loud music blinkie i heart microsoft paint blinkie i heart my online friends blinkieamong us kill me blinkie lemon demon blinkie i love my computer blinkie mean girls blinkie miku please interact blinkie milf rights blinkie i love toxic mold blinkie monster high blinkie open 24 7 blinkie dont make me kill you blinkie screams come true blinkie she took my fucking wife in the divorce shithead blinkie spout blinkie steal this blinkie blinkie stupid and gay blinkie sylveon blinkie trans rights blinkie two trucks blinkie two trucks blinkie 2 whats a jpeg blinkie wicked musical blinkie

dni . . .

basic dni, pro/comship, neo/xeno anti, hoyoverse supporters, dream/dream team fans, wilbur soot fans, toyatenma shipper, ed/gore/sh/brave/etc accounts + lurkers

Who I'd like to meet:

like-minded people w similar tastes/interests!! :3
It's tamaNOTchi! Click to feed!

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silas ☆

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thx sm 4 the add !! i luv tetris

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❥ antwke

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cool profile

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