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"drawing [help]"

14 y/o, english & filipino!

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drawing stuff, coding (html & css), astronomy, monster prom & monster camp (milo belladonna my beloved), homestuck, hit game your turn to die


mike krol, will wood, lemon demon, mcr, tubeway army, buzzcocks, the smiths, miku & kagamine music, that 1 song by khachaturian, idkhow, tally hall
this month's playlist >:)


jaws, back 2 the future, scott pilgrim vs the world, american psycho


monster high


frankenstein, goosebumps, scott pilgrim, GOOD OMENS


matt hooper [jaws], operetta [monster high], wallace wells [scott pilgrim], milo belladonna [monster prom], kedamono [popee the performer], dave strider, karkat & wv [homestuck]

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hi! my name's celestina on here & irl but a lot of my aliases do include the word benjamin
my profile aesthetic changes a whole ton along with my irl interests! i assume next will be the polar opposite of what it now is
HUGE art & space nerd :D all the spare time i get in the world i spend drawing or researching on nerd stuff. i also love learning languages! feel free to speak to me in german or english. i'm pretty terrible at tagalog but you can talk to me in tagalog too !!

i sometimes will start conversations, but if i don't feel totally free to dm me first!! i love meeting new people :D

DISCORD: [tua#8507]



Who I'd like to meet:

neil cicierega
i guess somebody w the same interests as me! preferably around the same age, too :D
literally aaanyone who wants 2 be friends with me is cool too!!

music: love buzz - nirvana


oni // shaking guy?? // bats // this user has skin // thinking... // your eyes, now! // lsd // lighter // my diet consists of barbed wire // zombies // crime scene // ufo // both eyes // horrorland // the goldfish r watching // undead // trust no one // i wanna be a cowboy // i'm an alien love child // nyquil // jaws // in space no-one can hear you moo // fish

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OMFG THE VINCENT PFP????? i love ur page

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WAAGH THANK U SO MUCH!!!!! i have NEVER met somebody else who knows of vtsom HI THIS IS SO COOL

by celestina!!; ; Report

i literally love vtsom man it consumes my brain

by dumbb1tchboyxoxo; ; Report

TELL ME ABT IT..... vtsom is one of my favourite games of all time the creator is SO talented ?!!!!!

by celestina!!; ; Report

FR it's literally the art style it's just god tier design

by dumbb1tchboyxoxo; ; Report


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very cool person

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no u >:(

by celestina!!; ; Report

i refuse your refusal

by neoutelal; ; Report

i rebut your rebuttal

by celestina!!; ; Report

no i still think youre the coolest person ever

by neoutelal; ; Report


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tina is very good at doodling little kitty cats

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no YOU'RE very good at doodling little kitty cats >:(

by celestina!!; ; Report


by neoutelal; ; Report