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- Music - Homestar runner - Fictional Bands>, - Home movies -Moral Orel - Xavier Renegade Angel - The Oblongs - Diary of a Wimpy Kid - Animals! - Early-on web design -The iceberg format - Internet oddities - Being kind and friendly and having fun


- skinny puppy - KMFDM - The cure - Type O Negative - Revolting c//cks - They Might Be Giants - Decima Victima - My Chemical Romance - Nine Inch Nails - Ministry - Tonetta - Sloshy - El Cuarteto De Nos - Rammstein - Soda Stereo - Molotov - Korn - Neutral Milk Hotel - Car Seat Headrest - Paralisis Permanente - The Smiths - Chemlab - 31 Minutos - Sloshy - Limozeen - No Doubt - La Union - The Aquabats! - Linkin Park


My attention span isn't adequate for cinematography. (Diary of a wimpy kid: Rodrick rules is an exception)


Those Television shows featured above, highly valued and relished.


I dropped my reading glasses before I could pick up a book.


Strong bad, strong mad, the cheat, chris stotch, snufi my ever-so-caring kitty cat.

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About me:

PLAYING: ASSIMILATE BY SKINNY PUPPY!!!11!+1÷2[-?@(20DEATH DEATH DEATH DEATH DEATH ... My name is Strong Sad but I can see how calling me that mouthful may be a hassle so call me Eric or any other masculine names that seem fitting. There's nothing much to reveal about myself except my overwhelming difficulty with speaking with other beings like myself. I'm not a misanthrope, but I am incredibly nervous and prone to paranoia that affects my personality. Other than that, please feel free to speak to me about anything or approach me about anything. I'm always looking foward to finding some more people to enlight with my not-so-secretive love for kitty cats and music. Mexican: esp/eng Louis wain is my favorite kitty artist did you ever see that coming?

Who I'd like to meet:

All virtuous and well-rounded individuals who possess the mechanisms necessary to drink apple juice (optional). Well, just anybody who has the same interests as me, or maybe not. Homestar runner fans would be neatly stacked on the first layer of a shelf named "communities I'd like to meet", as if I hadn't ruined the sporadic interactions I've had so far by digging with a corrosive spoon. Well on, well out. C4gCUSGkegT6S2uFKBhHBTu25zyZhPS898Fnm64L_7IIVdwyPBemAQOwYNOU7asAlSFuihe/bXGmf9Tvhd72eCbj thought that it had crashed. This supposedly happened because of poor radar coverage in the area and the transponder being switched off. Switching off the transponder on the other planes did not have the same effect, the air traffic controllers were able to continue to track them.  Ask the children to use their calculator to count by ones the numbers of ants (use the constant arithmetic feature 0+1=,=,=,=,=...). Stop at 100. € Return to the story and read the next two pages of the story. Ask the children to model 2 rows of 50, using centimeter cubes. Count, using the calculator (constant arithmetic feature 0+2=,=,=,=...). Stop at 100. € Return and read the next two pages. Ask the children to model four rows of twenty-five, using the centimeter cubes. Count, on the calculator (use constant arithmetic feature, 0+4=,=,=,=,=...). Stop at 100. € Return and read the next two pages. Ask the children to model five rows of twenty, using the centimeter cubes. Count, using the calculator (use the constant arithmetic feature 0+5=,=,=,=...).  v:astro-ph/0601022 v1 AredrainphenomenonoccurredinKerala,Indiastartingfrom25 thJuly2001, inwhichtherainwaterappearedcolouredinvariouslocalizedplacesthatarespread overafewhundredkilometers inKerala. Maximumcases werereportedduring thefirst10daysandisolatedcaseswerefoundtooccurforabout2months. The strikingredcolourationof therainwaterwas foundtobeduetothesuspension of microscopicredparticleshavingtheappearanceof biological cells. Theseparticleshavenosimilaritywithusual desertdust. Anestimatedminimumquantity of 50,000kgof redparticles hasfallenfromtheskythroughredrain. Ananalysisof

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ty for accepting my request, Frog Eggs.

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Me encanta komo tienes tu perfil, esta muy bonitooo ^_^!!!

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Muchas gracias :) Me alegra mucho q te guste ^_^

by Strong sad☆; ; Report

Strong sad☆

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Are ya' a nutcase? Do ya' have a few loose screws in ya' shut-face? It's like your purpose in life is to speak in tongues and annoy people, lump-o-dump!!! Get reflecting! Settle down or never again!

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I don't want to participate in another humiliation ritual...~~

by Strong sad☆; ; Report

[Unresponsive] you owe me some physical compensation, unattainable by the reckons of your psychology. How about you give me a backrub?

by Strong sad☆; ; Report

Tchht...if I have to. ᓚᘏᗢ

by Strong sad☆; ; Report

Strong sad☆

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I get the hunch that this guy might like the canadian electro-industrial band formed in Vancouver on 1982 known as Skinny Puppy... That's an ostensible account. >_<

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Strong sad☆

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This part of my profile is more comfortable and takes up less space than the bulletin system. I don't really like how they make those public. Could've been a nice lil' safe place for close friends to read into your inner workings. What If I just say really meaningless things here? Hamburger!

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