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i have worms

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deworming professionals

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Julie :)

Julie :)'s profile picture

Thanks for the friend request! I love your page sm, sick music

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thx <333

by Locust; ; Report


DOCTOR CORKSCREW's profile picture

ty for the add! absolutely sick theme, based for using gen 3 minty lol

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<33 shes literally the best and cutest and i love her so much !!!!

by Locust; ; Report

lyric monroe

lyric monroe's profile picture

hey, thanks for the add! congrats on your bidet XD

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<333 im the most powerful in the world!!!!!

by Locust; ; Report


habit_fxcker's profile picture

Thank you so much for the add!

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by Locust; ; Report

Zecnetovk V.

Zecnetovk V.'s profile picture

Giving some luv to one my favorite random ass profiles and friend!! I still find some new shit on your profile jajajajaja

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aw ganks !!!! ♡♡♡ theres gonna be more shit to find soon lol im about to change everything

by Locust; ; Report

Awesome!! Excited for the new update of your layout. Im planning a brand new layout for this year! Now that I got the HDMI cable, I finally have more liberty!

by Zecnetovk V.; ; Report

omg awesome!! cant wait to see it ♡

by Locust; ; Report

stache on a raft

stache on a raft's profile picture

hi there! nice to meet you! :D

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howdy!! :^3

by Locust; ; Report

Perty The Virtual Singer

Perty The Virtual Singer's profile picture

💕 💞

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MARZ (^‥^)ノ

MARZ (^‥^)ノ's profile picture

OMIGOSH i LUVS ur layout 0_o so kool

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aw thx !! ♡♡♡

by Locust; ; Report


PrincessJazz's profile picture

thnx for accepting my request! ur layout is so sick x

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by Locust; ; Report

Hayleh Visual [In the VidCon 2010 Backrooms]

Hayleh Visual [In the Vid...'s profile picture

wow your page is awesome!! thanks for the add :P

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thx u ♡♡

by Locust; ; Report

you're welcome =>

by Hayleh Visual [In the VidCon 2010 Backrooms]; ; Report


catra's profile picture

your page is perfect

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ganks u >w

by Locust; ; Report

jokosworld ✩

jokosworld ✩'s profile picture

ty 4 the add!!

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by Locust; ; Report


Maya's profile picture

Thanks for the add! I absolutely love your layout!!! :D

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thank you!! u too ♡♡

by Locust; ; Report

₆⁶₆ nympho ₆⁶₆

₆⁶₆ nympho ₆⁶₆'s profile picture

u r the coolest ever omg

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aw ty ♡♡

by Locust; ; Report


Xx_fable_xX's profile picture


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ganks u !!! ♡♡♡

by Locust; ; Report


AJ's profile picture


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oh hush (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄) youre cooler

by Locust; ; Report


heckarockstick's profile picture

Holy shit I like lego Batman 2

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lego movies are based and redpilled

by Locust; ; Report


xXarcticwolfXx's profile picture

Thanks for the add

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by Locust; ; Report

Carny Cadaver

Carny Cadaver's profile picture

It's against the law to be radder than me, so like go to jail. Felon.

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lmaooo but youre coming with me for being funnier than me

by Locust; ; Report

Only if I get top bunk

by Carny Cadaver; ; Report

and there was only one bed :^0

by Locust; ; Report

Is this how enemies to lovers happens

by Carny Cadaver; ; Report


IcyTea's profile picture

Hey Locust, did you figure out how to place stickers on your profile yet?

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lmao yeah, theyre there technically, some are hidden tho. figuring out how to bring them forward

by Locust; ; Report

Oh, make sure z-index is above 0, maybe they're hiding in your background.

If that isn't the case, make sure you have the url source ending in a file name like .png or .gif

Discord makes this a lot easier for the links to end with a file name.

by IcyTea ; ; Report

so much better!! thanks for checking in ♡♡

by Locust; ; Report