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things i love gyaru culture & fashion, anything vampire related, 2000s anime, clothes shopping, fighting games, religious imagery, art museums, manga, kingdom hearts, electric guitars, 2000s music, collecting vintage items (e.g. clothes, video games), gothic literature, magical girl anime, punk fashion & culture, j-rock, vivienne westwood, pokémon, food, streetwear fashion, gothic architecture, 2000s music, final fantasy 7, 8 & 10, y2k futurism
artists i listen to type o negative, aaliyah, radiohead, the damned, wonder girls, chungha, malice mizer, ken carson, metallica, slipknot, nirvana, rihanna, prince, the weeknd, darkthrone, young thug, pierre bourne, tool, dystopia, michael jackson, nujabes, anathema, suicidal tendencies, discharge, black flag, limp bizkit, twice, my chemical romance, whirr, basement, title fight, megadeth, anthrax, bauhaus, the gazette, playboi carti, alice in chains, korn, loona, bloody dead and sexy, the cure, sex pistols, deftones, slowdive, 2pac, girls generation, pierce the veil, dead boys, sade, misfits, death, entombed, ride






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‎i am a 22 year old fashion student living in london, who also believes that they are a vampire living in a gothic mansion. one day i aspire to become a dress maker and a huge fashion icon one day. watching fashion runways and getting into certain animanga like paradise kiss, nana and sailor moon at a young age is what led me to chase my dreams. ‎clothes shopping is a huge addiction of mine. i'm always buying things online or going out on a shopping spree. my brain is constantly filled with what outfits and styles i can wear. usually i spend my free time playing video games, reading manga and watching anime. video games are my life. i don't have a specific type, i play anything as long as it's enjoyable. due to my obession with nostalgia, i'm a retro gamer who collect‎s older games and consoles i grew up with. i'm open to make friends with anyone here especially with people who share the same interests as me. i'm also okay with receiving messages. just don't be a creep otherwise i'll block you. i absolutely love discussing with new people about fashion, anime + manga and video games. i try to respond as quickly as possible so if i haven't responded, it means i haven't seen it.

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thx 4 da add~

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ty 4 the add!!!!! :333

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jesse toilet man

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AYO, thanks for the add BIATCH! :)

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I love your page!!!!

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thank you sweetheart! i love urs too <33

by vixen; ; Report

Tasyla <3

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Thanks so much for accepting my request! I'm also a black girl, infj, scorpio, who loves 2000s anime, like nana, & listening to rihanna & aaliyah <3

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no problem lovely! & omg we have so much in common?!?!?!? feel free to message me anytime <333

by vixen; ; Report

❧ 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔳𝔢𝔩𝔳𝔢𝔱 𝔡𝔬𝔭𝔢. ❧

❧ 𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔳𝔢𝔩𝔳𝔢𝔱 𝔡𝔬𝔭𝔢. ❧'s profile picture

Hiya There, Beloved! 🕯️🖤

Thanks a bunch for the add + just dropped by to send you & your hauntingly stunning page love. 🩸

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no problem dear. tysm <3

by vixen; ; Report


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tysm for the add! vampire knight is low key rlly good if u just block out some parts from ur brain LMAO

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no problem! AND GOSH IKR?!?!?!?!? i literally act like kaname never existed and that the ending never happened.

by vixen; ; Report


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heyy! thanks for adding me, you seem super cool! ((:

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thank you dear! i loved your profile layout so i felt like adding u <3

by vixen; ; Report

fun ✧.˚ ⁺ 。゚‧

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thnx 4 the add ^__^

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no problem dear!

by vixen; ; Report

Badass Christopher Pierre

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Heyheyheyyyy!! Thank you sooooo muuuch for accepting!!

You seem super cool!!

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thank you darling! it’s a pleasure <3

by vixen; ; Report

Princess Paris ♡

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I'm totally obsessed with your page!! Love your profile pic too <3

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thank you my love!! <3

by vixen; ; Report

Much love! xx

by Princess Paris ♡; ; Report

𝔑𝔱 ☽

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new friends
thank you for the request.
sending positive vibes & good energy to your page 💞👁‍🗨

Sha 💕

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thank you darling! same goes to you <3

by vixen; ; Report


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hi there new friend! nice to meet you :3

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nice to meet you too !! ^_^

by vixen; ; Report

♡ L ♡

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thx for the add ! love ur page :))

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tysm! and no problem <3

by vixen; ; Report


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your have an wonderful profile amazing.

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your profile goes crazy hard

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thank you sm!! 🫶🏽

by vixen; ; Report

jing yi

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i went thrifting today, do u want to see what i got?

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yes! show me ^^

by vixen; ; Report


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ty for the add!!

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u are so cool!:DD

by (☆siana; ; Report

no problem! i love evangelion so i had to rq you ^^ and thnk u!!! i think ur very cool too ~

by vixen; ; Report

ahhhh tyy!!

by (☆siana; ; Report


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ty, love ur profile 2!!! nice 2 meet u 2!! i hope we can be friends!!! id like 2 hear abt what its like 2 be a fashion student :3

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it's nice to meet u too!! and as fun as it sounds, being a fashion student is TORTURE... TT___TT but i'd love to introduce u to it!

by vixen; ; Report

id love that!! mayb u could also tell me about London n city living! im from the countryside so i can't help but wonder :^)

by ❥momoki; ; Report

wow you’re british too?! never would’ve expected to find more people from the uk on here.

london is pretty lively! there’s so many different people here. i’ve lived here almost all my life so i’d say it’s pretty boring and i’m used to it. but i haven’t really explored london properly so that’s probably why i think that way. central london is where everything happens; shopping, lots of nice food places and events ^_^

by vixen; ; Report

oh, im from the usa actually,, sorry 4 the confusion!! i just live in a v rural part of the country where things 2 do r 40 mins away or more. it sounds interesting! im so used 2 the quiet that i could never stay in a big city 4 2 long,,

by ❥momoki; ; Report

oh my bad! london is basically like the english version of new york. a lot goes on and something is always happening but the people in the uk aren’t as friendly as americans

by vixen; ; Report

i see, i love shopping so id probably like just the shopping district, but ive seen pics of the countryside n id love 2 see what it looks like! aside from doing fashion student stuff, how do u like 2 spend ur time? i play a lotta games like animal crossing, and i like doing crafty stuff 2!!

by ❥momoki; ; Report

honestly the best part about london is the shopping areas. and OMG i love animal crossing!!! my favourite one tho is wild world. idk the new ones aren't doing it for me.

also what i do in my free time is play video games, read manga or watch anime! i like to especially play fighting games or jrpgs.

by vixen; ; Report

oooh u got good taste!! its nice 2 meet some1 who didnt start on new horizons! i grew up w the series so im v biased towards all the games, esp city folk/lets go to the city since it was my 1st! i have all of them except the gamecube. my fave is new leaf bc of how much there is 2 do, n i have 2 nl games, 1 hacked n 1 normal!!

by ❥momoki; ; Report

n 2 add on2 my last msg, i like doing crafty stuff like sewing among other things,, n my fave kinda games r easy ones since im p casual, but i like a wide variety! i used 2 play jrpgs when i was younger n wanna pick em up again sometime!!
im also a huge astrology nerd :^)

by ❥momoki; ; Report

OMG!! animal crossing city folk looked so fun i always wanted to play it… TT__TT and yeah! so many people know new horizons but didn’t know how much it was a struggle to play the older games. the villagers were so much ruder too

by vixen; ; Report

wow that’s amazing! i wish i learnt how to sew! i cannot sew for shit and i’m meant to be a fashion student :0 im even worse on the sewing machine. can you make clothes??

by vixen; ; Report

i havent played in a few years, but it is!! i need 2 start a new game up since my old 1 is a bit outdated. n absolutely!! accf villagers n b4 were defo super rude lmao. all the games r so much harder when u just have one game,, esp city folk since u can't play locally ;w;

i don't make clothes, my skills r incredibly basic, i wish i could tho!! i only kno how 2 hand sew n my simple stitches r sloppy, but they hold well!! i find sewing machines kinda scary :,) i started sewing bc i wanted 2 repair a stuffed animal i had, but ive been slowly getting better n better. i made a weighted stuffed animal 4 my friend 4 christmas which was my 1st non-repair project! not from scratch tho,, i thrifted the base n modified it. sewing helps clear my mind :^)

so if you dont kno how 2 sew, what kind of work do u do as a fashion student? :o

by ❥momoki; ; Report

and even having a perfect town was a huge struggle. i used to be so negligent and had so many weeds … so i was definitely in a huge shock when i played new leaf and everything was toned down. even resetti was gone!!

oh i see! at least you know the basics, im completely awful at using the sewing machine because i’ve always had the fear that my finger’s gonna get caught in

by vixen; ; Report

we learn how to use the sewing machine, how to make different kinds of seams… basically building our portfolio for the future. last semester i had to make my own tote bag design. it was pretty tricky but i managed to do it!

by vixen; ; Report

ugh ik!!!!! me 2,,, when i was a kid i defo did not know what i was doing, so id wonder why i got the big red flower w bugs flying around it
i rlly liked that resetti was gone when i 1st played nl at 11, hed always call me stinky :(( but growing older ive learned 2 save more responsibly,, n ofc nintendo making resetti be nicer so he didnt make kids cry lmao
i was never scared of him but id get pissed that hed take so long w his lectures bc of how often i quit w/o saving (keep in mind i was like 5 or 6,,,)

me 2,, i feel like id have 2 cover all my fingers in thimbles 2 be slightly less afraid 2 use it

n that sounds interesting!!! since ur working on slightly basic things, did u start recently? do u have 2 work ur way up 2 the more advanced things like tailoring?

by ❥momoki; ; Report

same!! i get why resetti was removed. and i felt better knowing he wasn’t there to yell at me when i forgot to save. especially now that i know how to play the game properly. when i was a child i was so envious when i visited over people’s town’s because they were perfect towns. and even had golden rods, golden shovels n everything! what honestly used to scare me the most was the tarantulas. i remember the first time i got caught by one and thought i died. i was so petrified TT__TT

i started recently yes!! but i used to watch my mum use the sowing machine as a child and aspired to be like her because she had a dream to become a clothes designer, but she gave up and honesty i think it all went to me. i’m actually doing a project now actually, and i’m planning on making some clothing. i’ll show you if you want? when i make it of course!

(sorry for the late reply btw!! been so caught up with coursework)

by vixen; ; Report

it's np!! we all get busy, especially you!! i imagine school takes up a good amount of ur time :^)

i never got to visit anyone else's town since i didn't know anyone else w the game!! i did manage to have a small grasp on what to do once i was a bit older but made no progress on anything else beside getting nookingtons since i only rlly cared abt how cute my character n house looked, it was the same for nl when i 1st got the game but thats changed. the only golden tool i had was the golden shovel since that's p easy to get

it's sad to hear ur mom gave up, but it's really cool that she inspired u!! i hope u can accomplish ur dreams n she can live u :)
but yes id love to see!! what kind of stuff do u plan on doing? im also rlly interested how u like to dress!!

by ❥momoki; ; Report

i used to be obsessed with new leaf omggg! it was toned down but everything still looked pretty. i wanted to make my room huge and wanted to collect the rococo collection to make my house look so aesthetic.

for my project i’m planning to make an outfit based on y2k. not the 2000s and mcbling type stuff, but futuristic. so many people don’t even know that y2k isn’t low rise jeans and baby phat and i honestly blame tiktok for that. i think y2k futurism is the most underrated aesthetic and nobody talks about the era like that anymore. it’s lowkey sad :( i’m currently thinking of making a cloak with a short dress, kinda like those futuristic dresses in the 60s maybe?

currently, i dress casually but i’m trying to come out of my comfort zone. my head is always filled with outfit ideas and how i would look on so many different things. these are the main styles i aspire to dress like though: punk, gyaru (kuro, agejo, tsuyome, manba), goth, 90s style (baggy cargos, jncos and etc), streetwear, y2k futurism and MAYBE lolita fashion? how abt you tho?

by vixen; ; Report

hey, srry for the late reply! ive been a bit busy myself

that sounds amazing!! tiktok is to blame for a lotta things, so that's no surprise to me,, ive always found space age fashion from the 60s to be so interesting!!

that's pretty cool! i LOVE lolita but wearing so many layers n accessories would drive me insane so i jus admire from afar,, i dress in outfits inspired by kawaii j-fashion but they're a bit casual too since i wear whats comfy and don't wear many accessories

by ❥momoki; ; Report

it's fine! i apologize too, i'm in my final weeks of uni so i haven't been active much.

i feel like the new gen is trying to modernize a lot of these old styles and it's become so tasteless... oooo yes! fun fact: retrofuturism fashion was the main inspo for y2k fashion

so true lmao! lolita fashion in the summer sounds like a nightmare... i'm trying to come out of my comfort zone with the way i dress but honestly i'm scared of going out in public and being stared at TT___TT

by vixen; ; Report

i don't pay much attention to trends at all, i enjoy being in my own corner of the internet so i havent seen many examples of modernized y2k. but it's amazing to me how fashion can get recycled and modified to fit the time no matter how old they are, humans never rlly change huh?

it was a bit hard 4 me too, i live in a pretty conservative town where everyone stares if u look even slightly out of place. i felt a bit bummed when ppl stopped giving compliments but i ultimately felt more like myself in my new clothes n 2 me that makes it worth it. wearing what feels right can really change how you feel abt yourself from my experience :^)

by ❥momoki; ; Report

that's sooooo true! it makes me wonder if people will start to love 2010s fashion, bc 2000s fashion used 2 be seen as tacky and now it's suddenly so loved.

ur so right!! another thing holding me back is my family and parents too. they're always asking why i'm wearing short skirts and dresses before i go out and it grinds my gears so i started wearing comfortable clothing for a while

by vixen; ; Report

tara terrorful

tara terrorful 's profile picture

omg u seem SO COOL i luv ur page its so cute + i hope u can do fashion some day i believe in u :3

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OMGGGGG that really means the world to me TT___TT i hope so too!

by vixen; ; Report