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"rest in peace, reita."

no prns, 3teen + melbourne, australia

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music, drawing, webcomics, also object shows sometimes, ripoff mobile yansims (like school supervisor saori sato, sakura school simulator, school girls simulator and high school simulator 2018)


i might forget to add some bands… - dadaroma, dazzlingbad, deadly sanctuary, dir en grey, gossip, gulu gulu, kaneto juusei, la'miss fairy, malice mizer, mejibray, m.e.s.s, moi dix mois, phantasmagoria, senketsu a ko-chan, taboo, the gazette, vice risk, vidoll, xaaxaa and also madmans esprit and ms. isohp romatem


litchi hikari club, scott pilgrim vs the world


ncis, litchi DE hikari club


warriors, litchi hikari club


hmmm.. eishin, mana, juho, kyuho, somyul, geon, limu, yoel, kyuho, juho, somyul, kyuho, juho, geon, limu, somyul, yoel & kyuho.. oh i forgot to mention, juho, somyul, geon, limu, yoel & kyuho!! also juho, kyuho, and kyuho and juho, kyuho, juho, somyul, geon, limu & yoel.. yea

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About me:

the la'miss fairy fan ever - professional autist (diagnosed by a professional paediatrician at the age of 9) - v系 enthusiast since the age of 11-12 (i got into it just 9 days before i turned 12) - i'd like to learn 日本語 someday - i wanna start my own vkei band based in australia n try to write my own songs! - i HATEEE velvet eden and dada. - i like to be taken seriously most of the time - i don't do funky lettuce or whatever myself, but i'm a 420 friendly person so um feel free to do that around me if u ever meet me in person! (highly unlikely… i barely go outside anymore because i'm fuckibg DEPRESSED and being a mentally unstable freak is fucking COOL (no its not..)) - please recommend me more music.. i love music, it is one of the reasons why i am still alive actually

Who I'd like to meet:

other vkei fans in aus who are preferably around my age range (13-16) who are willing to try and start a band (i'd like to b the faceless bassist or drummer hehe :))

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by jai/kane !! (umm autoplay i think); ; Report


by jai/kane !! (umm autoplay i think); ; Report


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Ur layout is so cool omgg

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omg thank uu

by jai/kane !! (umm autoplay i think); ; Report

also, urs looks rlly cool too!!

by jai/kane !! (umm autoplay i think); ; Report

thank you!!

by 𝔄𝔡☆𝔫𝔦𝔰; ; Report


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I love ur layout! I love meeting others who enjoy vkei!!:FF

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ur layout is so cool tooo :0 i love it sm!!

by jai/kane !! (umm autoplay i think); ; Report


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thanks for the add ^_^

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no problem!! ur so cool :0

by jai/kane !! (umm autoplay i think); ; Report


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Your profile is so beautiful 🖤🦇
Mua mua

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sorry for thenlate reply, thank u so much hehe

by jai/kane !! (umm autoplay i think); ; Report


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Thank you for adding me =) don't worry, you can speak to me in English if you want, I'll understand

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okay, thanks for clarifying!
i was just thinking that since your profile was in portuguese, i wanted you to understand me, if that makes sense
thank you! :)

by jai/kane !! (umm autoplay i think); ; Report