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About me:

My name is Carson, I usually appear as "Christ & Stuff Productions" or "Mr Christ & Stuff" online, but feel free to use my name.

I'm a 13 year old male in the MST timezone, I like learning about technology and Christian theology.

How to be saved;

Believe that Jesus Christ is the prophesied messiah and the son of God, who came to the world in human form to establish the New Covenant, which is God's agreement and promise that you will be forgiven of your sins and inherit eternal life if you turn your heart to Christ and repent.

You were not led to this page by yourself, God has sent you here to show you the information on my About Me. God is not willing for you to perish in sin and go to Hell, he wants you in his glorious kingdom of Heaven, but you must do so by putting your faith in Jesus Christ.

I recommend for any new believer to read the Gospel of John, NIV translation, on BibleGateway.com

Who I'd like to meet:

Christians, non-Christians.... anybody!

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hello !! thank you for accepting my friend request. I'm still working out my beliefs, but it's always good to meet christians nonetheless c:

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ever had a specific "introduction" or something that led really you to pursuing your beliefs in god? motivators? were you raised in a christian household

these seem like generic questions, but as someone who was raised in a lukewarm household at most (only my grandmother holds firm catholic beliefs) im really curious about those who are religious

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I was and am not raised in a religious household, I found God personally.
It's almost funny, I saw a video about a Buddhist monk in my YouTube recommendations one day, after watching it I started to heavily think about death and what happens after. So I started tinkering with religions and eventually decided on Christianity (for no reason other than "it's the most popular religion"). Unfortunately; I didn't properly understand core Christian doctrine and misinterpreted the actual purpose of Jesus too, so I lost my "faith".

Around 4 months later, I randomly had a huge interest in Christianity again, I have no reason why because I wasn't exposed to any religious content and God was the last thing on my mind at the time. I believe it to be God choosing to save me. This time around, I actually know what my religion is about, and I believe it because of the tremendous amounts of testimonies and documented visions of Jesus ('met a guy who saw an angel who referenced Jesus and his divinity too), as well as my own personal experience.

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