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"I’m C!Wilbur irl wdym /j"

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FURBIEZZ ☆ ARTT ☆ LOVEJOY ☆ SORRY BOYS ☆ WILBUR SOOT ☆ STARZZ (the shape :3) ☆ CATZ ☆ too ☆ stuffies ☆ sleeping ☆ furry stuff ☆ Minecraft ☆ MH ☆ Lego ☆ Tetris ☆ Club Penguin (rip)


LOVEJOY ☆ WILBUR SOOT ☆ Coldplay ☆ Alice Gas ☆ Siouxxie Sixxsta ☆ Rebzyyx ☆ TV Girl ☆ Mac DeMarco ☆ Lemon Demon ☆ Queen ☆ Cigarettes After Sex ☆ Current Joys ☆ Radiohead (kinda) ☆ a bit Black Sabbath ☆ ALEX G ☆ tame impala ☆ the Smiths ☆ The Front Bottoms


Deadpool ☆ HP (obv I don't support jkr) ☆ FB ☆ Corpse Bride ☆ The Nightmare before Christmas ☆ TASM ☆ Marvel movies in general (mcu) ☆ LOTR ☆ Hobbit ☆ Avatar/Avatar twotw ☆ Barbie (lmao)


MLB ☆ MLP ☆ TAWOG ☆ arcane ☆ Helluva Boss ☆ TOH ☆ Bojack Horseman ☆ st ☆ Wednesday ☆ Heartstopper ☆ Young Royals ☆ TLOU ☆ Good Omens


Solitare ☆ Heartstopper ☆ HP (especially tpoa) (one again, I don't support jkr) ☆ I can't think of any more tbh ;w;



& Ur mom /j

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About me:

Haii! Most people call me Gh0st, but you can also call me R4ine, W1ll or J4y!! (collecting Ames like Pokemon cards xD) ☆ I luv Furbiezz & art ♡w♡ ☆ Parent of 25 wonderful furbiez ♡♡♡ ☆ most likely audhd ☆ furry ☆ Sorry boys & Wilbur Soot enjoyer B)

(most of the time it says I'm online although I just didn't close the tab so don't rlly trust the online thing twt)

(c) Layout created by Jody Marie ✿

Who I'd like to meet:

Nice new people to be friends with :3 ☆ prefer for peeps over 18 to dni, if u do tho just don’t be weird plz!!!

Pls keep in mind that I used to like the dsmp and still watch some of the members even if I'm not interested in it anymore, in case that's in your dni list,, please just don't be mean :)

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hey honey :)) how are you doing bestie :3 mwah<33

☆ ꩜ ☆ ꩜ ☆

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Hi bby, I’m existing so that that tut- Mwahh<3

by ☆ J4y/W1ll ☆; ; Report

⦻⦻⦻Z̵̡͠a̷̩̓l̵̜͆g̸͉͛õ̴͇⤜( ◥ ╭╮ ◤ )⤏𖤐𖤐𖤐

⦻⦻⦻Z̵̡͠a̷̩̓l̵̜͆g̸͉͛õ̴͇⤜(...'s profile picture

Join the monster Energy cult


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Hey, thanks for accepting! My Furby hyperfixation is over now, but they make me nostalgic because a few years ago I was obsessed with them, I still have a ton of them, it has to be over 100 of them! They're pretty cool!

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I'm sorry for responding after 3 months I forgot profile comments exist tut- ty 4 adding, ur profile is rlly cool!! 100? :00 That's so coooool :o

by ☆ J4y/W1ll ☆; ; Report


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Thank you so much for becoming friends with me!!!! X3 You seem super super super duper cool and awesome!!!! :D Feel free to message me anytime, you seem super amazing, id love to be friends!!!!! X3

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Ahh omg you're so coooool - ty :DD (I'm sorry for responding after 3 months I forgot profile comments exist tut)

by ☆ J4y/W1ll ☆; ; Report


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omg a wilbur enjoyer ty for the add!!

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rookie ☆

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thanks for adding me!! furbies are SO COOL

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Ofc!! Your profile is so cool!! And yus furbies r great ^w^

by ☆ J4y/W1ll ☆; ; Report