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indie web animation (especially real unpopular stuff i love when people make cool shit and being able to show people their cool shit) - mashups / mashup tournaments - siivagunner - itemlabel - YTPs - homestar runner (ik i already listed web animation but shut up i love homestar sm) - opossums - etc


i mainly listen to mashups (mashup week megamix, neil cicierega’s mouth albums and siivagunner my beloveds) check out that boombox over there if you wanna listen to my badass mashup playlist

jack stauber - nelward - 2 mello - elo - pilotredsun - ween - mother mother - clipping. - weird al - lil darkie - alec normal - idkhow - will wood - dog i am so autistic and queer and white i am so sorry


whenever somebody asks what my favorite movie is i’m always like "yeah uh i remembered loving wall-e as a kid" so yeah i’d probably just say wall-e. idk i don't watch many movies not because i dislike 'em or anything i'm just too busy shitting and pissing.


idk i got this weird streaming service that tries to replicate cable with different channels and all that, and there’s just a channel exclusively for MST3K and i just leave that on in the background. it’s kinda like oneyplays for old people. - i wanna update this with more shows i like i'm just lazy and bedrotting rn


cuphead (fav game period it's so badass) - the binding of isaac (i have been playing this game nonstop for like a year) - pizza tower - the jackbox party packs - plants vs zombies - yo-kai watch - pokemon (yo-kai watch is better) - mario - pikmin - baldi's basics - lego batman - random ass games on itchio - etc


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About me:

he/him - artist (eh) - i got that autistic swagger that make the women swoon (the issue is that i'm gay)

Who I'd like to meet:

idk honestly. if you're interested in my interests go ahead and send me a friend request dog idk!! messages are always open for you to send me death threats or whatever (don’t do that though that’d be rude)

also if you try to add me and you’re 16 or under you will be executed

sorry dog i'm just too cool for you young'uns *does a sick trick on my skateboard* yeah i'm aweosme...

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