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Any pronouns but mainly he/him,ENFP, 🇨🇴🇦🇷, ENG/ESP

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Horror/Scary games, Clowns, Touhou, TV shows, lost/old web, comics, web-series, drawing, baking and/or cooking, learning how computers work, coding, (..i REALLY suck at it tho) adding goofy blinkies/stamps on my profile, geography, learning new lenguages, (or rlly stuff in general) the colors purple/red/orange/green, stuff from late 2000's to early 2010's that give me nostalgia


Lapfox/Halleylabs, Disko Warp, Insane Clown Posse, Rave music, Gabber/Speedcore, Jump style, Hard style, Techno, IOSYS, S3RL, Millionaires, Tyler the creator, Cuarteto de Nos, GUFI, Tronic, (i really love love LOOOVE early 2000's-2010's latin rock) Masa Works Design, Vocaloid, and also a little bit of emo music (wouldnt consider myself emo tho)


Mean girls, A Silent Voice, Children Of The Sea, The Spiderverse movies, TMNT, (ANY tmnt movie) & others ive prob forgoten..


South Park, Breaking Bad, Inside Job, Clone high, Happy tree friends, TMNT, Invader Zim, Cowboy Bebop, Aggresuko, Chi's Sweet Home, Poppee The Performer, Domo kun, Wander Over Yonder, OK KO: lets be heroes!, Kipo, Bananya, Saiki K, Sonic X, MLP (yes i know my taste is very childish leave me alone)


Invader Zim, Garfield, TMNT: IDW, Splatoon, FNAF: Frazbear Frights, Coraline


Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michaelangelo (AKA the coolest turtles out there in the sewers of NY ) !!!!!!!!! I LOVE NINJA TURTLES !!!!!!!!!!

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About me:

What Flavour Are You? I taste like Nuclear Waste. Delicious.I taste like Nuclear Waste. Delicious.

Tasting like nuclear waste is a good thing - nothing bites me, nothing eats me, few things even touch me. I appreciate the solitude my harsh exterior brings. What Flavour Are You?
What Sort of Hat Are You? I am a Party Hat.I am a Party Hat.

I'm a popular sort of person, well-liked and very sociable. I'm always at the height of fashion, either because I set it or because I follow it. What Sort of Hat Are You?
I, as a clerihew,
Tend to be merry; too
Merry, it might, perhaps, by some, be claimed;
But I'm sure that these people are wrong, and need to be grievously maimed.
What Poetry Form Are You?

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⦻solace's profile picture

ur using my stamp and layout on ur pageee :D yippee!!!

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Reby X_0

Reby X_0's profile picture

me gusta tu perfil =)

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Gracias :P

by Matt; ; Report


Sorryfran's profile picture

me encantan esos gifs <3

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by Matt; ; Report


K1pp3rt0n's profile picture

luv all ur blinkies!! thx 4 the add!

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Awee thanks!!! Thx for the add too, ur profile is reaaaally cool :3

by Matt; ; Report


Nikita⛧'s profile picture

TYSM FOR THE ADD!! your profile is so cool :D

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by Matt; ; Report


7elix.Hxtrs's profile picture

Omg la wea bacán :0

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Gracias bro :33

by Matt; ; Report


lya☥'s profile picture

HII ty for the add i love ur profile sm and i love cry of fear too <3<3

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Tysm!!! ur profile is suuuper cool too!!! Im glad ppl still like COF after so many years :)

by Matt; ; Report

TYSMM!!! And yeah but honestly its an amazing game so im not surprised ^^”

by lya☥; ; Report


𝘼𝙣𝙜𝙚𝙡's profile picture

Thx for the add back, you have suchHhh a cool theme !,

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Aaaa!!! Tysm!!!! Sorry for the late response i havent been active!!

by Matt; ; Report

Ofccc but iss okayy !,

by 𝘼𝙣𝙜𝙚𝙡; ; Report