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I like mystical and mysterious things.

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General: Idk what to say. I like badass stuff, but I can be a softy too. Love heated debates, love to talk & learn new things. I read, I write, I make music, I draw sketches, I love editing pics and videos too. I also love exploring the dreamworld. I analyze symbols, and all types of occult ish. Currently working on my garden, my alchemical corner, my Neo Noir album & my collection of collages.


Music: Anything that's intense and/or sounds like it's coming from the dreamworld. Hiphop, Triphop, Downtempo, Electronica, Dreampop, DarkJazz, Grunge, Stoner Rock, Trance, Tech, Dub, Minimal, Reggae etc. I don't care about the genre as much as I care about the overall energy.


Movies: Mostly psychological thrillers and fantasy stuff, but I like a lot of different types of movies - as long as they can mesmerize me. Guess it depends on the movie. I like Tarantino and Lynch. I've watched every movie that can be described as a mindfuck, an eye opener, a thing that will make you question and reevaluate your reality. I like that DEEP SHIT. If I had it my way, I'd be making movies like that.


Television: I don't watch TV, I stream random stuff I find on forums. LOVE ANIME! Attack On Titan, Serial Experiments Lain, Death Note, Violet Evergarden, Grimoire Of Zero, The Ancient Magus' Bride, Archenemy and Hero, Fullmetal Alchemist, Cowboy Bebop, Ghost In The Shell, Perfect Blue and the list goes on...


Books: Fantasy books, I like a good adventure. Also non-fiction, like metaphysical stuff. I like writing psychological thrillers too.


Heroes: only antiheroes :)

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Who I'd like to meet: Anyone who likes to talk about interesting stuff. Hmu if you want to talk. I'm also open to all kinds of music or movie recommendations! DaZzLe mE lol ^β€’^ i respect weirdness, so you can rant about your weird interests to me, it's fun! If you also want to discuss philosophy or the secrets of the universe, feel free.

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Nix Jupiter

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Wicked page!! Love it

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Thank you! ✨

by 𝔻𝕄𝕋 ℝ𝕒; ; Report

Vegan Prepper

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you have an awesome profile!! I hope your garden is going along well!!

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Glad you like it! And thank you, I've been really active with the garden lately, harvesting, preserving, it's been a real ride but I enjoy it a lot. c:

by 𝔻𝕄𝕋 ℝ𝕒; ; Report


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thank u for the add!! sending lots of hugs

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Thank You For Accepting My Friendship Request Have A Great Day!

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I'm glad we're friends! Thanks, I hope you have a great day too!

by 𝔻𝕄𝕋 ℝ𝕒; ; Report

Lord Byron in the Obsidian Forest

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i love ur page, you have cool interests :3

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ur welcome

by txnka; ; Report


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very very cool page :)

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Thank you! Glad you like it! C:

by 𝔻𝕄𝕋 ℝ𝕒; ; Report