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18, italian xenogender demigirl, aroace toric af

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I play Splatoon 3, Genshin Impact (AR 55) and Mario Kart 8! I no longer play Animal Crossing, but I still follow it! I also like FNAF and MLP: FIM As of upcoming games I'd like to play, there are Ena BBQ Dream and Zelda BOTW2!


My favorite artists/game soundtracks are: KoRn, Melanie Martinez, Jack Stauber, K/DA, Splatoon OST, Genshin Impact OST, Lo-fi, Oliver Buckland



I don't watch TV frequently, but I do like Youtube commentators! My favs are Chad Chad, Annamarie Forcino, Kurtis Conner, Strange Aeons, Jarvis Johnson, Danny Gonzalez and Noah Samsen.



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About me:

Hi! My name is Rebecca and I'm 18! A bit about me: >My pronouns are She/They/It/Moon/Star/Bun/Gho/Fai >I'm a xenogender demigirl and I'm also an aroace toric! >I'm a June Gemini (19/06) and an INFP! If you like weird KoRn art, you should check out my Instagram at @cringe_is_on_its_way! ("!" not included in the tag)

Who I'd like to meet:

>People who are xenogender/neopronoun users! (No mspec lesbian/mspec gay/transid supporters please!) >People who like KoRn! >People who like weirdcore, kidcore, and liminal spaces! >People who play/like Splatoon, Animal Crossing, Genshin Impact and FNAF!

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