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"chatting with friends =)"

17 year old girl who loves kawaii stuff! (she/her)


Mood: good ^^ (ps: feel free to dm clowie)

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clowie's kind of aesthetic is anything that's kawaii, and her favorite color is pink her favorite foods are rice, noodles, and sushi. she also loves muffins and hot choco!!


clowie's a big fan of vocaloid, j-pop, and especially nightcore. she loooooves nightcore some songs clowie loves: rockefeller street nightcore, my heart beats like a drum nightcore, waves - dj satomi, bad boy nightcore, my girl nightcore,


most movies don't hold her attention for long enough, sadly


she loves any kind of anime (besides the yucky ones). although there are more animes she wants to watch than the ones she watched, haha


she doesnt read that many books, although she is looking to get into light novels. she mostly read educational stuff she finds online


clowie has a lot of heroes, although her three biggest are probably shigeru miyamoto, osamu tezuka, and you!

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About me:

hiii clowie likes to go by clowie pink. she loves to talk in third person, because she finds it fun. lets be friends!! (if you wanna) credits to sybilz layouts for the layout

Who I'd like to meet:

anyone who likes muffins ^^ (and everyone else, too =D)

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willow's profile picture

you seem super cool! :) i really love your profile

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thxxx!!!! =D clowie loves willows profile ^^ it looks mega kewl!!

by ♡☆Clowie - Miss Muffin☆♡; ; Report


Wisp's profile picture

your profile is so fabulous! ლ(´ڡ`ლ) thanks for accepting my request!

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thxxxx =D same 4 lullabys ptofile ^^

by ♡☆Clowie - Miss Muffin☆♡; ; Report

Princess Paris ♡

Princess Paris ♡'s profile picture

I'm totally obsessed with your page!! It's so pretty and I love your blinkies. Love the profile pic too <3

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thxxx!!!! =D clowie loves princess pariss profile, 2. she loves glittery stuff ^^

by ♡☆Clowie - Miss Muffin☆♡; ; Report

hehe i'm so glad!!

by Princess Paris ♡; ; Report


_ashleyartsy_'s profile picture

your page is adorable!! 💓 I might put some of this on my own profile 🥹

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clowie may also steal some stuff from ashleyartsys profile =P

and thxxx!!!! =D clowie loves ashleyartsys profile ^^

by ♡☆Clowie - Miss Muffin☆♡; ; Report


theo's profile picture

hi clowie your profile is so cute

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thxxxxxx!!!! =D theos profile is also mega cute ^^

by ♡☆Clowie - Miss Muffin☆♡; ; Report


L00TL00T's profile picture

tysm for adding me!!
i love ur profile (´・ω・`)

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clowie also loves 100ts profile =D

by ♡☆Clowie - Miss Muffin☆♡; ; Report


issy's profile picture

hiii tysm for adding me!!

love ur profile, its so cute!! ♡

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thxxxx!!! =D clowie also loves issys profile ^^ she loves the blue blob guy

by ♡☆Clowie - Miss Muffin☆♡; ; Report


RawringF1sh's profile picture

THANKZ 4 ADD!!!!!!!!!

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thx 4 accepting clowies friend request!! =D

by ♡☆Clowie - Miss Muffin☆♡; ; Report

ofc clowie!! ur so kewl!!

by RawringF1sh; ; Report

rawr1ngfish is super kewl, 2!! =D

by ♡☆Clowie - Miss Muffin☆♡; ; Report

rawringf1sh, not rawr1ngfish

by ♡☆Clowie - Miss Muffin☆♡; ; Report


tsuzuki_raimu's profile picture

Your profile scared me for a minute, because I was just checking something, and a song started playing and I legit jumped

Did you set music to play on your profile?

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haha, srry ^_^;

yeah, clowie set her profile music 2 b waves (from dj satomi)

by ♡☆Clowie - Miss Muffin☆♡; ; Report

Kit Kat ♡

Kit Kat ♡'s profile picture

Twinning haha !!

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yeah, haha ^^ clowie mega adores this layout

by ♡☆Clowie - Miss Muffin☆♡; ; Report


P1NK13S4YZR4WR!!'s profile picture

zomg!!!! I love ur profile so much :3!!! whats the song tho?? its always stuck in my head lolz!!!

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thxxx =D the song is called "waves" and is made by dj satomi


by ♡☆Clowie - Miss Muffin☆♡; ; Report

clowie thinks that p1nk13s4yzr4wrs profile page is super kewl ^^

by ♡☆Clowie - Miss Muffin☆♡; ; Report

iDIA ★

iDIA ★'s profile picture

hii clowie <4 dia also likes vocaloid and nightcore and your overall vibes !! tysm for adding me ;w; i hope we canz be friendz !!!

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thx 4 accepting clowies friend request!! =D clowie is mega sure she and die will b ultra amazing friends ^^

by ♡☆Clowie - Miss Muffin☆♡; ; Report

zomg you are so adorable wAAUHH <33 /p I'm sure too !!!! your page is also playing one of my fav songs from my childhood omggg

by iDIA ★; ; Report

its one of clowies fav songs, 2!! =D prob in her top 5 <333 /p

by ♡☆Clowie - Miss Muffin☆♡; ; Report


moonpie!!!!'s profile picture

UR LAYOUT IS SUPER CUTE!!! luv ur vibes<3

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thxx!!! =D clowie thinks moonpies profile is super kewl ^-^ purple and black with kewl stars is a mega kewl combo!

by ♡☆Clowie - Miss Muffin☆♡; ; Report

awe thank u!!! pink is so so so cute!! clowie is a cute name 2^^!!!

by moonpie!!!!; ; Report

thxxx!!!! =D clowie thinks that moonpie is a super kewl and cute name, 2 ^^

by ♡☆Clowie - Miss Muffin☆♡; ; Report


Maeachu's profile picture

ur page is super cute!! thx for the add ^^

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thx 4 accepting clowies friend request =D maeachus profile is also super cute ^^

by ♡☆Clowie - Miss Muffin☆♡; ; Report

pretty princess

pretty princess's profile picture

you have such a cute profile! <333333 ^^

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thxxx!! =D peach has a super kewl and cute profile ^^ <333333 /p

by ♡☆Clowie - Miss Muffin☆♡; ; Report


Marshall's profile picture

thanks for accepting my friend request! i love your profile and your blogs are super sweet :)

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thxx!!!!! =D clowie also loves marshalls profile. code geass is super kewl ^^

by ♡☆Clowie - Miss Muffin☆♡; ; Report


CJ's profile picture

yooooo nice profile!

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thxxx =D cjs pfp looks super kewl ^^ clowie likes how it looks space-y and changes colors

by ♡☆Clowie - Miss Muffin☆♡; ; Report


neo's profile picture

thx 4 the add!! ur site is so cute >_<

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thxxx =D neos page looks mega kewl ^^

by ♡☆Clowie - Miss Muffin☆♡; ; Report


死ちゃん🎀's profile picture

AAH!! Your profile is so cutee <33ヾ(≧∇≦*)ヾ!!!!!!!

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aitos profile is also mega cute!! =D

by ♡☆Clowie - Miss Muffin☆♡; ; Report


ivorila's profile picture

ivorila was here, i love your profile so muchh

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clowie also loves ivos profile =D

by ♡☆Clowie - Miss Muffin☆♡; ; Report