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I like writing music, Watching lore essay videos without participating in the source material, and generally being a wacky nerd! I'm in a ton of fandoms but they were all hyperfixations and there's too many to remember so probably just ask if I'm into a particular fandom or not! My hobbies are singing, drawing, baking, painting, carving, crocheting, sewing, sculpting, other stuff I can't remember right now A good portion of what I like has strange Imagery and body horror like: all tomorrows, Fran bow, Scorn, Man after Man, Anne Mandela catalogue (does that count as body horror? I think it does a little bit, just barely), I'll add onto this later


JAWNY (only strawberry chainsaw though), Queen, The crane wives, No doubt, Halestorm, In this moment, Icon for hire, anything by Amy Lee, Mitski, Arctic Monkeys, Paramore, sad girl music (iykyk), Jack Stauber, get scared, uhhh anything from my nightcore phase (that entire time was a blur lol), No Doubt, Nirvana, The Offspring, Starset, idk what else


Klaus (cried at it.), Coyote ugly, Avatar franchise, (from here) from up on poppy hill, the wind rises, When marnie was there, ponyo, Arrietty, Kiki's delivery service (to here, is movies I've cried at.), Princess Mononoke, Howls moving castle, tons of others but I rarely mentally catalogue my movie interests


Unicorn: Warriors eternal, sym-bionic titan, primal (are you noticing a theme? The theme is Genndy tartakovsky lol), pretty much most wacky cartoon network cartoons, troll hunter/all the tales of Arcadia shows, Clone high (nothing bad ever happens to the KENNEDYS!!!), komi can't communicate (this show made me cry), Ouran high school host club, One Piece, Akuma-Kun, Bleach, JJBA, Jem and the holograms, Supernatural, Invincible, what we do in the shadows, Dark Shadows (the one from the 50s and 60s), idk what else Shows I'm meaning to watch: Ninjago (so my friend will stop looking absolutely Horrified that I haven't seen it), Berserk (partially inspired fear and hunger, one of my favorite games), HoriMiya, a bunch of stuff once the max subscription comes back, jujutsu kaisen, the new Demon slayer season Shows I watch on repeat: Brooklyn 99 (my favorite pro police propaganda /hj), Bob's burgers, American dad (the only tolerable Seth McFarland show outside of the Orville), Friends (Ross kinds sucks tbh), how I met your mother, the great north (I love it but I'll never forgive fox for picking it over bless the harts), Bless the harts, Community, The office (we can agree Pam and Jim are being total assholes to Dwight unnecessarily, right?), Parks and Recreation (booo Chrisp Rat but the others are ok I think), Cloud Nine, Sabrina the teenage witch, Gilmore Girls (lorelai and Luke 4 EVeR), American housewife


Percy Jackson series, warrior cats series, the firekeepers daughter,and uuhhhhhh idk, fanfiction? Do comics count? Then Fables, Daphne burne, Alienated, stuff like batman, Harley Quinn, idk if the graphic novelization of the call of Cthulu counts but eh I'll add it


Freddie mercury, idk who else tbh

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About me:

Ayy it's ya favorite blob of radioactive slime, Jellie! Full discretion the mentally is unstable and I talk a lot... When I actually talk to people that is. I don't tend to message first cause of ✨️Anxiety✨️ so feel free to if you want

Name: Strawflower
Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage
Name: Rhoman
Adopt one yourself! @Pokémon Orphanage

Who I'd like to meet:

Rain world fans, cool people, people my age ( if you're one of those nasty creepy pedos I WILL smack you in da face so stay away), fellow nerds, people who like weird video games, I'll think of more later

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