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~Undertale/Deltarune ~Horror/Gore ~Alternative Stuff - Mostly Kawaii Pastel & Scene! But any Alt style is swag! ~Minecraft/Skyrim & many other Funky Gamez ~Bunny really likes to RP like alot (if u wanna RP plz DM me!)


Loud n fast music is nice! But Bunny also likes soft cutesy music - but Bunny mostly listens to Hyperpop/Scene music but any kind is fine. Except Country - Country is icky -`д´-


Bunny doesn't really like movies but loves horror n gore movies - but it loves Saw the most!! Also Bunny likes ScoobyDoo movies ! ⌒ー⌒


Sadly Bunny doesn't watch TV that much (・へ・) but when Bunny does watch TV its normally watches Cooking Shows or Crime Shows!!≧ω≦ Bunny does watch Youtube alot tho - Mostly watchs: ~Minecraft (Dream Smp or just random Minecraft stuffs) ~Horror Games or Survival game Lets plays! ~Mukbangs & Cooking/Food


Icky Reading (Tho Bunny does read Horror sometimes!!)


Bunny doesn't have any (°ー°)

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About me:

Light Pink PointerHelloz! :3 U can call me Bunny !! Bunny talkz in 3rd person n has a smol typing quirk!! I doesnt always use it tho! Bunny usez He|They|It| n many Neopronounz!! Bunnt is Non-binary/Xenogender Hoarder, n Abrosexual (Never Straight r Lesbian) tho , n Greysexual/Greyromantic, Open Poly n Taken by 2 swag Boyfriends!

Who I'd like to meet:

Bunny just wantz to make cool friendz! If ur otherkin, Queer , Mentally ill 0r just a cool being plz be friendz with Bunny!! ( *︾▽︾) If u ask nicely enough I might give you my snap or discord!!

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Thankz 4 th3 add!! :D

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Thankz 4 the friend request^^

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