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"i have no clue"

your dad

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RADIOHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!, music, skramz, emoviolence, metal, classic rock, half life, cry of fear, film/movies, music, gaming, politics, military history, horror, uaps/ufos, collecting vinyl/cds, css/html coding, sanrio, editing, roblox, music, art, c.ai, anatomy, playing music, youtube, and i also really like to make papas pizzeria characters, i love spotify n my friends

youtubers >-<

caseoh jacknjellify animationepic nik nocturnal bradley hall chiliofdestiny coryxkenshin cyber noop davie504 jennmelon jaidenanimations lewis hancox ninye nei; cicierega richlev wackawackamun


ohhh boy where do i start radiohead the beatles smashing pumpkins weezer nine inch nails incubus limp bizkit folder lower tool deftones primus linkin snot nin, eths pleymo factory 81 dystopia tally hall, mircale musical, edu, rob cantor, joe hawley, lemon demon tf2 orchestra tmbg sunny day real estate alice in chains mbv slowdive slipknot metallica exodus black sabbath dio metal church boc anthrax megadeth venom david bowie queen velvet underground the smiths the cure elliott smith girlfriends jeff buckley radiohead draingang haunted mound andreas ronnberg nirvana sonic youth nirvana hole rammstein a perfect circle joj, my ruin kittie mudvayne cky kyuss ratm silverchair and more!!


scott pilgrim vs the world, fnaf kindergarden cop, the sting, poltgergeist, lost boys, mortal kombat, and more bcuz i will write it later :p


IK THIS ISNT TELEVISION PER SE BUT SP CLIPS, beatles cartoon :3, gorillaz, mitm, everybody hates chris, young sheldon, bernie mac show, n more


diary of a wimpy kid


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anarchist guy certified goober

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why is ur page all tf2 and illegible. yukk!

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shut yo nerd emoji lookin ahh up

by wesley ♡⸜(˃ ᵕ ˂ )⸝; ; Report


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by wesley ♡⸜(˃ ᵕ ˂ )⸝; ; Report


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i luv the korn cd's on ur profile!!!

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thx bookie :3

by wesley ♡⸜(˃ ᵕ ˂ )⸝; ; Report


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yooo man this profile ROCKZ!! much love!

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by wesley ♡⸜(˃ ᵕ ˂ )⸝; ; Report