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ଘ Old horror games ♥ Drawing ♥ Child-liek aesthetics(SFW) ♥ early 2000-s anime♥ Dreamcore/yume nikki like aesthetics♥liminal spaces♥Paranormal and ghost related stuff♥ 2000s nastalgic stuffs!!! ♥ Agere and petre ♥ MLP ♥ Early web/internet(2000s - 2010s) n old web culture(not anti-sjw bullshit ofc) ♥ 2000s "girly shows(mlp,winx,monster high etc)♥Old computers♥ Creepycute stuff♥Html/css stuff♥Old vocaloid stuff n old otaku culture !!


ଘ Jack stauber ♥ Machine girl ♥ yume nikki ost ♥ vertigoaway ♥ Lsd dream emulator n silent hill ost !!!


ଘ wall-e ♥ Silent voice !!!


ଘSteven universe ♥ TAWOG ♥ Lucky star ♥ k-on ♥ MLP:FiM !!



ଘFluttershy ♥ fluffiepuff

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Basic dni creteria, lolicon/shotacon, proship/compship/profic/anti-anti ,transmed/truscum, anti neoprns and xenogenders , support only she/her lesbians and only he/him gays, pro-russia, anti-kin n anti-nonhuman/Otherkin etc, anti-agere/petre, reality check ppl w delusions w/o there permission, anti-recovery, pro-ana


M extremely socially anxious n shy n also non verbal autistic....m not anti cgl/ddlg but i fweel uncomfi w tis su pls dunt talk abt tis w mi tank u...Pls tag gore/blud n needles tank u..

୨Tini scawed ghwost boy୧ ᵁ ´ˣ` ᵁ Henloo!!! Mi name is Derpy/Ghost/Zomb!! Im a bwoything/agender boy aroace-spec venusic(nbylw) who likes howwor games and dwawing!!^-^ (General section is mi special inwterests and hyperfixations!! ) Awso kweep in mind that m extremely socially anxious and shy so pls be gentle w mii.... Click here before ur gnna add!!

Who I'd like to meet:

Trans ppl , Old web fans , Old horror games fans !! (Awso as u can see i hab a typing quirk so if u r uncomfy w me taliking tu u like dis pls let me know!!!)

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Perty The Virtual Singer

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💕 💞

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fel !!

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your profile is so adorable omggg !! ♡♡♡ :DD

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AWAEW TANK TANK U!!!!I liek urs too a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!

by babyblankie2002; ; Report


(#_◎).・。゚'s profile picture

OMGG I ADORE UR PROFILE, ITZ SOSO CUTE!!1! T_T (also thank q for the add!! :3)

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AWWWAWAWAW TANK U SMM!!!!!!!! I lub ur page tu!!N ur welcome!!

by babyblankie2002; ; Report

Wacky Alex

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I am always playing wacky music.
Take a listen? Have a suggestion?


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finn x_X

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i love ur profile sm aaa :3

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TANK UUU!! I LUB URS TU A LOT!!! It makes mi feel realli nostalgic

by babyblankie2002; ; Report

tysmmm :33 ur profile makes me rly happy and fluttery insinde ^.^

by finn x_X; ; Report


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thx 4 the add!! :3 ur pag3 is s0 cut3!

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AWWW TANK U!!! I liek urs too a lot!!!

by babyblankie2002; ; Report


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thanks for the friend request! i love ur profile it's so cute!! ^^

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AWWW TANKIE!!! Ur profile is cute too!!!!!!

by babyblankie2002; ; Report

YW!! and thank u!!!

by Maeachu; ; Report

Perty The Virtual Singer

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💖 ✨

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blue berryy

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hi! thx for the add

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Hewo!!!! Yw!!!!^^

by babyblankie2002; ; Report

Crystal Moon

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Hiya! TY for adding! ^-^ nice to meet a fellow old web fan hihi

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OMG HII!! Nice to meet u too!!!^^

by babyblankie2002; ; Report


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Thanks for the add! YOU SEEM SUPER CUTE!!

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AWWW TAnK U SM!!!! U TOO!!!!

by babyblankie2002; ; Report