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"l1st3n1ng 2 mus1c!"

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1 dr4w 4ll0t :P 1 w0rk 0ut !! :3 1 l1k3 m4ng4, g4m3z, m4k1ng 0cz 4nd 3nj0y 4nyth1ng th4t d03z n0t 1nv0lv3 c0mmun1c4t1ng w p30pl3 1rl 0_-


f4v g3nr3z 4r3: 3m0, scr34m0, r0ck, sh03g4z3, crunkc0re, p0p punk,v1d30 g4m3 s0undtr4cks, s1g1lk0r3, m4ny met4l g3nr3s 4nd l1tt3r4lly 4nyth1ng fr0m y2k!!!, I L0VE MUS1C!!! XD f4v b4ndz 4tm: L04th3, vs s3lf, fr0m f1rst 2 l4st, bu3r4k, m3rch4nt sh1ps, p4nch1k0, k4t4klyzm, f4ll 0ut b0y & m0re :] ย  ย ย 


f1ght club, 4m3r1c4n psych0, br3ak1ng b4d, b3tt3r c4ll s4ul,DC m0v1ez XD I l1ke 0ld3r m0v13z l1k3 rush h0ur, 0r jz m0v13z fr0m 90-2000z. 1 4ls0 l1k3 34st 4z14n m0v13z 3sp3c14lly l1v3rl3af 4nd 0r3s4m4!! 1 l0v3 h0rr0r & thr1ll3r 4s l0ng 4s th3y d0nt h4v3 unn3c3ss4ry d1rty sc3n3z 3xc3pt "sc4ry m0v13" cuz 1tz funny!! XD ย 


1 l1k3 m4ny d1ff3r3nt c4rt00nz, fr0m mlp to s0uth p4rk


0th3r th4n h1story b00kz 1 d0nt r34d much bvt 1 luv m4ng4 4nd cr33pyp4st4 n0v3lz!!


my n0.1 h3r0 1z g4rf13ld L0LZ โ‰ฝ^โ€ขโฉŠโ€ข^โ‰ผ

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h3yy00 1m 4vk1 :], 1 L0V3 dr4w1ng, w0rk1ng 0ut, S1l3nc3, c00k1ng, 1nt3rn3t & mus1c 1m 15 b0y 4r04ce sc3mo cr33py p4st4 & cry 0f f34r 3nj0y3r 1m fr0m c3ntr4l 4si4!! 1n T4j1k1zt4n ^_^ 1m th3 p3rs0n 0n my pfp btw!! ย 

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4ny0n3!! 3sp3c14lly 4lt3rn4t1v3 p33pz!!1!1! m41nly sc3nez & 3moz, & p30pl3 th4t r n0t w31rdoz! 1 l0v3 b31ng w31rd but 1 h4v3 b0und4r13z 3sp3c14lly w s*x j0k3z :P DN1: h0m0ph0b3z, r4c1stz, mys0g1n1stz, z10n1stz, p3d0z, pr0/c0msh1pp3rz, m34n13z & 4nd jz p3opl3 wh0 4r3 f****d up 4nd d1scr1m1n4t3 0th3rz!! 1 luv p34c3 :3 th1n 1c3: d1rty-m1nd3d br0z :V generated blinkie 37-D2-BCBF-841-C-4790-A9-C9-2-A34-D62-C3-F47

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