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"i want somg recommends"


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morbid topics fascinate me a lot. gyaru culture, kogal, guitars, drums, Scandinavian 70s, 70s, the 80s, 90s, rockstar trapped in a supermodels body. southern gothic, boho chic, shalom harlow, trinkets box, bohemian style, hippie fashion, whimisgoth graffiti n tagging, roller skating, witchcraft, death metal, pam anderson, fashun, indie sleaze, tatts & facial n body, manifestation, dolphin shorts, nature, forests/ the woods, urban exploring, breaking n entering, tarot cards, auras colors, wicca, magick, moon phases, spells, misty weather


motley, mj👑, gnrs, slayer, bowie, the doors, aerosmith, fleetwood, bts, iron maiden, judas priest, megadeth, slayer, black sabbath, zeppelin, pantera, cannibal corpse, slipknot, limp bizkit, kittie, hole, billy idol, yeat, satryicon, mayhem, immortal, burzum exodus, DEFTOOONES, type o <33, slowdive, mazzystar, the cranberries, tv girl, crystal castles??, cocteau twins, lamp, boa, lamp


The Craft, the dirt, scream franchise, spirited away, terrifier, childs play franchise, jennifers body, debs, lords of chaos, thirteen, the machine girl, death proof, texas chainsaw massacre, diary of a wimpy kid: rodrick rules, almost famous, edward scissorhands, perks of being a wallflower, the crow, crybaby, elvira: mistress of the dark, we need to talk about Kevin.


ahs, hxh, jjba, ergo proxy, neon evangelion, lain, true beauty


perks of being a wallflower, things have gotten worse since we've last spoken the dirt, the life and crimes of rr, the rotting within, helter skelter, piercing by ryu Murakami, we need to talk about Kevin, nana


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anyone who shares common interests 🏯₊˚⊹♡𓇢𓆸 ⋆.˚ ᡣ𐭩 .𖥔˚

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rajah ♫

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sstoppp you are actually so cool

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by sayrr; ; Report


tungsten's profile picture

so pretty, and i love the cursor :D

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by sayrr; ; Report

katherine ˖ ࣪⭑

katherine ˖ ࣪⭑'s profile picture

thanks so much for the add !! I adore your music taste ‎♡

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oo yum thnks

by sayrr; ; Report


valentine's profile picture

omg you seem so cool!!! i love ur layout

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let me lick u

by sayrr; ; Report


In_Reverie's profile picture

Thanks for the add, your profile layout/aesthetic is super cool!!

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heyy thanks

by sayrr; ; Report


meloria's profile picture

thanks for the add, wicked profile !

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omg you too <3333

by sayrr; ; Report


伊路米's profile picture

fav hxh character n arc?

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illumi and pakunoda my fav arc would be yorknew

by sayrr; ; Report

questionable choice... i like paku n yorknew arc too tho. may i ask 4 ur age? im going to assume ure within the age range im comfortable befriending bc its stated in my blurbs, but i js want to dbl check.

by 伊路米; ; Report

yeahyeah im within that age limit 👝

by sayrr; ; Report

ok. drop ur discord.

by 伊路米; ; Report


prettygirltears's profile picture

i am inlove with u.

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suuch a compliment coming from you. BIG kisses 💋💋

by sayrr; ; Report


genevieve's profile picture

thank you for accepting my frq, you have seriously great taste

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ohh ur cool, i like yoiu.

by sayrr; ; Report

pfft thank you so much

by genevieve; ; Report


irene's profile picture

OMG?? your profile is so cool. you seem so cool

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tHANK YIU!! our interests are so similar <3

by sayrr; ; Report

I know right?? Also btw, your playlists are amazing

by irene; ; Report


Kaitlyn's profile picture

I love your music taste!!

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thaaank uu
ur profile is sooo interesting (in a good way)

by sayrr; ; Report

Thank you!!!

by Kaitlyn; ; Report


Wubzilla's profile picture

This is a cool profile!

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tysm! i lov ur pfp, this compliment sounds so genuine and nice <33

by sayrr; ; Report

saukste ✩

saukste ✩'s profile picture

I love your profile and music taste!!

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thank u gorgeous, u too 💋

by sayrr; ; Report


Peri's profile picture

tysm 4 accepting !! ur interests r super cool :00

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tyy sweetheart ur page seems so cozy n comforting

by sayrr; ; Report


Kita's profile picture

thx for the add!! Also cool movies you like!

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thank YOU!!

by sayrr; ; Report

⛧ سيف ⛧

⛧ سيف ⛧'s profile picture

omg heyy!! i've never met a coquette metalhead before??!?! u seem rlly cool!!!

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thank you sm, i absolutely loovee your profile💗

by sayrr; ; Report

TYYY!!!! ^^

by ⛧ سيف ⛧; ; Report


lilith_00's profile picture


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yw! love the profile picture ♡

by sayrr; ; Report


Hannah 's profile picture

I love your page its so cute

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i luv ur page too !! thank u sm

by sayrr; ; Report


Ritatzol's profile picture

hii i love your profile ^^

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thamk uu!! ♡♡˚✧ ゚

by sayrr; ; Report

welcome ^^

by Ritatzol; ; Report