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err i really like sci-fi stuff :3c im a huge fan of 90's-early 2000's fashion! i like gaming and i have a bunch of consoles(ps3, ps4, ps5, wii/wii u, dsi, 2ds, pc, mobile, xbox 360, xbox 1, etc) that i use a lot(except for xbox tbh). i loveeee horror stuff(not irl gore though you weirdos) and i watch a buncha movies because i have too much free time. sometimes i browse the 4chan boards to have a little giggle. im kind of malebrained i think. i play tf2 someitmes but not a lot! i really like rdr2 recently & have been playing a little bit of fallout 4, monster hunter and ark! batman is my main interest and i collect merchandise for him(not dc, specifically batman. my favorite versions are robert pattinson, ben affleck & val kilmer). i like l4d2 and half-life a lot(if the url couldnt tell you that) and games about organization(save room). i have a lot on my to-play list. cringe supporter. i played the first mgs game and ragequit but anyways i like big boss and venus theyre cool. recently i've played portal 1 & 2, additionally have also played l4d2 again. i like valve games a normal amount. also played who's lila and papa's freezeria deluxe lmao


skrillex, cinderella, steel panther, bon jovi, type o negative, ozzy ozbourne, ghost, katy perry, lady gaga, jack conte, kiss, tom jones, mc chris, kmfdm, jack off jill, deftones, weird al, skinny puppy, slaughter, los campesinos, spongebob music, diet tea other cola, avatar, brick + mortar, nine inch nails, korn, limp bizkit, linkin park, red jumpsuit apparatus, goldfinger, queen, prince, type o negative, twisted sister, wig wam, your favorite martian, miniature tigers, of montreal, TOOL, oingo boingo, death grips, soundtracks in general, skindred, trocadero, andrew lloyd webber, pretty much anything under the sun that sounds good to me. i really like glam metal though. recently dropped the hatchet after accepting that icp is hypocritical. music taste changes and i forget bands i like a lot. whoops. started listening to rainbow kitten surprise again, though! interpol is also an old favorite of mine.


little miss sunshine, gone girl, terrifier, texas chainsaw massacre, texas chainsaw massacre 2, scream(first 3 movies), terrifier 2, halloween, friday the 13th, nightmare on elm street, evil bong(1, 2 & gingerdead man), batman forever(1995), felidae, the plague dogs, terminator 1 & 2, men in black, fifth element, repo, 8 mile, virus(1999), the dark knight, the dark knight rises, batman: under the red hood, batman: the long halloween(parts 1 & 2 also read the comic), once bitten, ace ventura: pet detective, cinderella(dont support disney, i (totally dont) pirate all my movies), evil dead, evil dead: army of darkness, a fistful of dollars


i dont watch tv much but in terms of series, things that i've watched and liked i guess.. i would say invader zim, billy and mandy, catdog, spongebob, family guy, american dad, the simpsons, tmnt, panty & stocking, brba, red vs blue, ruby gloom, futurama, metalocalypse, athf, home movies, pokemon, batman, to catch a predator, mlp, sailor moon, battlestar galactica(1978), big bang theory, htf, batman: the animated series, adult swim stuff & watership down.


anything by fred vargas & batman comics. i read i have no mouth and i must scream once and i really liked that, too. read up to the sixth book of the first installment of warriors & had the rest spoiled so i guess i know about that shit too! i completed homestuck(not proud of it) and also read of mice and men(broke me). i did read some of the redwall books but i don't really remember them that well... i gotta read those again. used to love the goosebumps books. also read & loved fahrenheit 451 and im currently reading i, robot.


jim carrey & tom jones

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About me:

hi my name is pickles or shepard or anything else you know me by and im your average freakazoid. im a high functioning autistic person and i cant see that well i guess lol. i'm kinda mean 🤷‍♂️ real life cyborg(just like terminator..) dykey fag of all time

im super duper critical of the media i consume and i encourage you to be the same way.

used 2 be active on here but i don't really use that account anymore. i am, however, super active on my tumblr, so you can follow me there and send me anon hatemail and stuff.

my account changes pretty often(not the layout just the content of my blurbs/interests) so... shruggie

I play chicken smoothie sometimes but im not very active forum-wise. I used to be on the NNP and OKP forums, but I stopped using them a little bit ago.

Who I'd like to meet:

i would like to meet cool people and tom jones

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you're pretty good

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pretty... good...

by pickles🌈; ; Report

daz ; 🖤

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kool profile !! 🖤
luv the music

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thank you!!!
i love this song LOL :D

by pickles🌈; ; Report


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thx for the add!! your profile is really cool :3 i just got into mgs recently and the revolver ocelot eddy pic had me giggling hehe

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LOL thank you!! i giggled when i saw it and had to put it on my profile. awesome that youre getting into mgs though!! ^_^ !!

by pickles🌈; ; Report

MiCKY !! ♡ ⋆。˚

MiCKY !! ♡ ⋆。˚'s profile picture

THX FOR THE ADD YOUR LAYOUT IS SUPER COOL!! i also saw red vs blue in ur interests ! i just started getting into the series (was putting off watching it forever then saw that roosterteeth was getting shut down and that finally got me ) im on season 9 rn !

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ofc and tysm!! and yeah i love rvb, i was super sad when rt got shut down (and super pissed a while back when they took a bunch of seasons off of yt), im glad more people are getting into it though!! what do you think of it so far? :D

by pickles🌈; ; Report

omgg i remember when everyone was talking about a bunch of seasons getting removed off of youtube I ENDED UP LIKING IT ALOT i wish i got around to watching it sooner i get alot of laughs outta the show and im exciting seeing everything go down (the reveal that church wasnt just a ghost had me like WOAA)

by MiCKY !! ♡ ⋆。˚; ; Report

it was a huge bummer when rt made it to where you could only watch it on the website—of course, theres the internet archive & the website isnt half bad, but the site made you sit through ads, too... still, it was still there!
and YAY!!!! im glad youre enjoying it!!!! somehow the fandom is still alive and its super awesome seeing people getting into it even after all these years, im happy you like it!!! (also TRUE my first watchthrough was crazy when they revealed that!!!) its genuinely one of my favorite series/machinimas around ehe, i havent found any that give me the same feels that RVB has. :DD
i wish there was more stuff for fandom content outside of scouring things like tumblr and twitter, but at least the fandom *does* still exist ^_^!!!

by pickles🌈; ; Report

i had no clue rvb was as old as it was LOL im glad the fandoms still around because seeing the fanart ppl were making is what got the show floating around in my head ‍💫

by MiCKY !! ♡ ⋆。˚; ; Report

understandably so though, rvb really doesnt feel like its (checks date) over 20 years old, its crazy that its gone on for as long as it has though. curious though, what character did you see fanart of first? and who's your favorite character right now? :3c

by pickles🌈; ; Report

it was fanart of grif and simmons arguing with each other LOL my favorites right now are church, simmons, caboose mostly because theyve made me laugh the most so far

by MiCKY !! ♡ ⋆。˚; ; Report

OOPS i forgot to ask in my last reply who ended up being your fave?

by MiCKY !! ♡ ⋆。˚; ; Report

oh sick!!! grif and simmons are definitely up there for me but id have to say my favorite (at least from the blood gulch chronicles & freelancer saga) would probably have to be eh,,,, probably tucker, sister & tex ! :D

by pickles🌈; ; Report

OUU theyre awesum characters too ! tex especially that fight scene at the secret facility in season 8 where she clobbers red and blue team had me swinging my feet HAHA

by MiCKY !! ♡ ⋆。˚; ; Report

SO TRUE tex def has my heart(shes actually the character that got me into rvb hehe, my dad would always show me clips of her because hes also a huge fan) (^∀^●)

by pickles🌈; ; Report

「 ❣️ Lil Mess ❣️ 」

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Thanks for adding me, I'm obsessed with your profile! It's so coooool ღවꇳවღ

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ofc !! im glad you like it ^_^

by pickles🌈; ; Report


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Thanks for the add! Your profile is absolutely phenomenal..

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glad to hear it!!!! :)

by pickles🌈; ; Report


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Love the layout, very visually appealing ⊗

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by pickles🌈; ; Report

toki 💫

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yiure so cool hiihiiihiii omg

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wtf thank you ‼ youre really awesome 2

by pickles🌈; ; Report


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fart ass

by pickles🌈; ; Report


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im outside your window

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come on in

by pickles🌈; ; Report

⋆ ♱FEISHY♱ ⋆

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WAHH ur layout is AMAZING!!! u seem super cool omg..

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thank you!!! ^o^

by pickles🌈; ; Report


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holy guacamole your page is so cool

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yoo thank you 🤘 !!

by pickles🌈; ; Report

Ash✰ (autoplay)

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rdr fans unite fr also THANKYOUU

by pickles🌈; ; Report


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Cool page!

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thanks ! i love yours

by pickles🌈; ; Report