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"kissing grass and mowing ass"

ᴍᴀɴɪᴄ ᴘɪxɪᴇ ɴɪɢʜᴛᴍᴀʀᴇ ꜰᴇᴍɪɴɪꜱᴛ | 26

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★ If you're into any kind of art or cute stuff then we'll get along just fine!
★ Kinda-radical feminist. I am currently learning about the psychology of gender ideology as someone who was deeply involved in the LGBT+ community growing up. I would love to make more feminst, female friends ♀️♥️
★ I write poetry and perform spoken word at local open mic and that's basically my only talent 😔
★ I am OBSESSED with Rilakkuma 🧸💕
★ I also really like indie games and video games like Animal Crossing, Pokemon, and Stardew Valley. 🔥😤🔥


The Front Bottoms | The Frights | Fall Out Boy | Oberhofer | Porter Robinson | Madeon | Mystery Skulls | Paramore | The 1975 | Coldplay | Morrissey | The Cure | New Order | Redbone


Directors: Greta Gerwig | Ari Aster | Jordan Peele | Baz Luhrmann | Wes Anderson | Mamoru Hosuda | Satoshi Kon | Hayao Miyazaki 🥺


Bojack Horseman | Golden Girls | Princess Jellyfish | AHS | Squid Game | Ouran Host Club | The Good Place | Steven Universe (but only the first like two seasons are good and Ive seen every episode since launch woops) | Afro Ken | Rilakkuma and Kaoru!!!


Wicca by Harmony Nice | For Small Creatures Such As We by Sasha Sagan | End of Gender by Dr. Debra Soh | Material Girls by Kathleen Stock | Aaaaand I have read exactly one Harry Potter book but we STAN J.K. Rowling 😤


★ All the Pigeons in the World ♡
★ Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way 🖤

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About me:

*~*~Hellooooo~*~* Sooo. Hai there!
I'm Adonis and I’m 27. I wasn't allowed to have a MySpace growing up sooo spacehey is where I'm gonna make up for lost time lol ( x_x) I was a total Tumblr art & fandom kid forever ago and am really hoping to meet some cool new internet friends here now!
I live in California and work a pretty plain desk job to support doing my art and hobbies most of the time.
I loooove Rilakkuma and have so much merch of him. Any Rilakkuma fans are automatically my friend 😤💕
I currently am playing Resident Evil 4 & Animal Crossing (lmk if u want to trade Switch friend codes!!!)

I write poetry & spoken word, draw cute things sometimes (my art IG is @kumakhameleon)!

Nice to meet you! Hope we can be friends ~ uwu 🖤

Invader Zim - Gir

Who I'd like to meet:

🐻❤️IRL Rilakkuma❤️🐻 and also any internet nostalgic friendz ✨ prepz fukk off >:(

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Wacky Alex

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Hello again. Hope you're having a great summer!

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Perty The Virtual Musician

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💕 💞

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by adonis diazzzz; ; Report

Helen Wolff

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Thanks for add fellow manic pixie! ️🖤

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Lame Genie - Video Game Music

Lame Genie - Video Game M...'s profile picture

Thanks for the add back, hope you enjoy our music!☺🎶

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Wacky Alex

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I am always playing wacky music.
Take a listen? Have a suggestion?


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Ras Bolding

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Hi in here. ;)

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Glitter Heart

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Great page! ️ Thanks so much for the add, have a wonderful day!

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Adonis Diazzzz Hope you feel better!

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Xx_Summer_Slaughterhouse_...'s profile picture

Thanks for the add! :)

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I love you, new friend

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½InDaClosetPlumber's profile picture

1. I'm in love with your name. Coming on a lil strong and I apologize for that
2. LOVE your layout! so cool!
3. Your vibes 🤌🏽
4. Thank you so much for accepting! I'll try to not be so annoying in the future 🙇🏽🙇🏽‍♀️🙇🏽‍♂️

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1. I am ALSO in love with my name, thank you
2. Tysm I never had a MySpace so this is my early teen dream, GIR and all lol
3. Fuckin. THANK YOU. Only the most immaculate vibes in this household. 🤌🏽
4. Thx for the add and happy to have you! :3

by adonis diazzzz; ; Report

Aww you hit all my bullets! Tysm! 💚I hope you have a great week and weekend!

by ½InDaClosetPlumber; ; Report

▵Arch Blue▵

▵Arch Blue▵'s profile picture

Just came to say I dig your blog and I hope you have the best 2022 living your best 2007 life XD 🔪💙

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spacehey is where I was born to exist, I just never knew it lmaooo

by adonis diazzzz; ; Report

spacehey is where I was born to exist, I just never knew it lmaooo

by adonis diazzzz; ; Report


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Thanks for the love dropping some back 💕💕💕

You’re adorable overall!

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ugghhh thank you!! Hope you're thriving so far this year 🖤

by adonis diazzzz; ; Report

So far so good hope your 2022 is going amazing so far

by Leahpadea; ; Report


emolovestory's profile picture

omg ty you too!! Btw, Paramore is my favorite band

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🖤 no lie I have been re-listening to RIOT! on repeat for the past few weeks now. It still hits after all these years

by adonis diazzzz; ; Report


Hannah's profile picture

ahh thank you for accepting!!! I love your page its so fun!! GIR is amazing!! We do have similar interests!!

I just followed you back on Instagram!!

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Omg thank you!! And yes, haha. I knew as soon as I started doing my page I had to fit Gir in there! Myspace dreams coming true lol
Also umm. You're literally gorgeous and remind me so much of Luna Lovegood

by adonis diazzzz; ; Report


SADGURL™'s profile picture

Thanks for accepting beautiful 🥀🕸 Happy New Year to you!

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Thx for the add! I think you're so lovely Happy 2022 to you too!!

by adonis diazzzz; ; Report