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"imagining false scenarios"

a bored goth metalhead from Brazil // she/her 13 yr

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blinkies-Cafe-sf blinkies-Cafe-Sb blinkies-Cafe-Qx highschool 5by1-Rc-70424daa1ddfecc62e4cc6bf73abcbf1b2ddbfe3-gifv blinkies-Cafe-yl I7SMs33 2007 scenemo BLINKIES | FAGZONE 𝔨 𝔞 𝔰 𝔭 𝔢 𝔯 𖦹 — satanist blinkie created by the extremely creative...Vampires Blinkie GIF - Vampires Blinkie Blinkies - Discover & Share GIFs</tag3c489> Slipknot LogoSlipknot Stampuploaded image72a4cebad1b407g-b5d941e5-5b3a-4a1f-98a0-1f3d3921b8actumblr-87412acb40385ce104242b4744fd53b4-7d3cd29f-100-gifuploaded imageuploaded imageuploaded image


Dungeon synth, nu metal, raw black metal, gothic,punk rock, black metal, punk, dsbm, rock.ﮩ٨ـﮩﮩ٨ـ🫀ﮩ٨ـﮩﮩ٨ـ Darkthrone, fester witch, TV girl, Alex g, deftones, scary b!tches, Mac demarco, jack off jill, Elita Harkov, mutiilation, blod Besvimelse, grausamkeit, Melanie martinez, MF Doom, Tyler, the creator, Siouxsie and the banshees, curta'n wall, dëgénéréscence, molchat doma, slipknot, korn, tenebris, kendrick lamar, ayesha, mortician, mayhem, burzum, lifelover, system of a down, xmal deutscland, bat nouveau, bikini kill, crystal castle, the smiths, babymetal, jazmin bean, pastel goth, sematary, nirvana⋆༺𓆩☠︎︎𓆪༻⋆


꩜ Christiane f, girl, Interrupted, the craft, the virgin suicides, Metal lords, Edward Scissorhands, fight club, The Fantastic Mr. Fox, Coraline, Frankwinnie, pearl, the shining, thirteen, midsommar (i love midsommar), american psycho, lilya 4-ever, corpse bride, scream, jigsaw, Friday 13th, friday 1995, the witch, love witch, Elvira, Marie antoinette, kids 1995, donnie darko ๋࣭ ⭑🕸🦇🕸๋࣭ ⭑


𓋹 Daria, Mtv downtown, raw time, american horror story, big mouth, happy tree friends, south park, the boys, breaking bad, bojack horseman, the end of the fucking world, I am not okay with this, orange is the new black, adventure time, the amazing world of gumball, baby, on my block ˚₊‧⁺⋆♱



Walter White

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About me:

Mario - Shy Guy 2 ·:*¨༺ ♱✮♱༻¨*:· Hii, welcome to my profile I'm 13 years old, my pronouns are she/her and I'm from Brazil, I'm a goth and a metalhead. pls if you want to talk to me send me a message first because I don't send message first T_T DNI !! : don't talk to me if you are homophobic, transphobic, zoophilia, sexist, xenophobic, pedophilia, racist, com/proshippers, toxic fans of singers/bands/famous people, pretended to have mental illness or disabilities,+18 years, people who force religion ⠀ Horror-PNG                


Who I'd like to meet:

Someone similar to me or not so much idc

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wes / bryce

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tyy for the add i luv ur profile

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by wes / bryce; ; Report


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I luvv ur profilee!!<3

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Ty^^ I also liked yours

by 𝕰𝖑𝖞𝖛𝖎𝖆; ; Report

hayden⊹ ‧₊˚౨ৎ

hayden⊹ ‧₊˚౨ৎ's profile picture

ur profile is so cool omg

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Ty!! ur profile is very beautiful too

by 𝕰𝖑𝖞𝖛𝖎𝖆; ; Report

hayden⊹ ‧₊˚౨ৎ

hayden⊹ ‧₊˚౨ৎ's profile picture

ur profile is so cool omg

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Tysm!! I loved your profile too🖤

by 𝕰𝖑𝖞𝖛𝖎𝖆; ; Report


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your profile is pretty epic dude!

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Ty! I loved ur profile

by 𝕰𝖑𝖞𝖛𝖎𝖆; ; Report


by katykat; ; Report

K☆SPER ₊˚.⋆⁺

K☆SPER ₊˚.⋆⁺'s profile picture

i love your profile :3

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Ty!! I loved your musical taste

by 𝕰𝖑𝖞𝖛𝖎𝖆; ; Report

Daren ★ Kyle

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i luv ur profile!! is so cool fr!! x3

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Tysm!! Ur profile is so cool too🖤

by 𝕰𝖑𝖞𝖛𝖎𝖆; ; Report

Perty The Virtual Musician

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ஓ๑⋆𝓽𝓮𝓪𝓰𝓪𝓷⋆๑ஓ's profile picture

thx for the add <3 your profile is sick!!

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Tysm, i love ur profile too!!

by 𝕰𝖑𝖞𝖛𝖎𝖆; ; Report


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spit by kittie INCREDIBLE taste dude!!!

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Awesome profile!

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omg i love yr layout sm!!

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oow thanks, I thought Varg's memes were funny

by 𝕰𝖑𝖞𝖛𝖎𝖆; ; Report

Thanks LOL! i didnt know what to add but then thought varg gifs would be funny for some reason

by bluewitch; ; Report

honestly I don't like him... but I thought it was funny!

by 𝕰𝖑𝖞𝖛𝖎𝖆; ; Report