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melancholic b!tch

Mood: low

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listening to music, drawing, reading, photography, writing, sleeping, instruments (drums/bass guitar/keyboard/the omnichord), bad poetry/stories, collecting cds, rain, skating, parks, internet, supernatural/paranormal shit, teeth, smoking/drinking alone, drugs, body mods, watching things burn, bruises, sore eyes, homemade tapes, fossils/shells/remains, preserving art/history, open mouths, long stares, dark art, stitches, crying, watching movies/shows/other videos, fog, cold weather, natural disasters, bad quality cameras/pictures, self-destructing, fireworks, late night walks, video games, lost media, gore, long late night car rides with full blast headphones on, the last page of books, bicycle rides, staying in my room


soft kill, toopoor, evanescence, mareux, the smiths, morrissey, dry kill logic, gorillaz, melanie martinez, crystal castles, crim3s, nirvana, alex g, duster, lorde, cigarettes after sex, yabujin, ekkstacy, seether, grimes, tv girl, lana del rey, pastel ghost, die mannequin, modest mouse, trivium, the cranberries, mr.kitty, xxxtentacion, arctic monkeys, radiohead, bjork, cults, lykke li, kennyhoopla, sidewalks and skeletons, the neighborhood, falling in reverse, she pass away, cemeteries, poorstacy, mazzy star, sza, palms, joji, escape the fate, eyedress, butthole surfers, icp, pierce the veil, lil darkie, ghostemane, m.i.a., black veil brides, mitski, pornogore, crosses, twentyone pilots, scxrlrd, ilytommy, 100 gecs, rammstein, korn, deftones, poppy, skillet, slipknot, liquid gang, die antwoord, iron maiden, killstation, asking alexandria, suffokate, my chemical romance, papa roach, my bloody valentine, rob zombie, julie, zillakami, motley crue, night lovell, the weekend, eyes set to kill, sleeping with sirens, memoboy, system of a down, suicideboys, all time low, the cure, bauhaus, bloodgirl, she wants revenge, skinny puppy, molchat doma, depeche mode, mindless self indulgence, bones, lil peep, siouxsie and the banshees, mother mother, sisters of mercy, ingested, type o negative, joy division, shadow of intent, abandoned pools, bat nouveau, tool, white silas, team sleep, linkin park, ic3peak, attila, oceano, smashing pumpkins, slowdive, the used, limp bizkit, misfits, nine inch nails, black sabbath, belgardo, echo & the bunnymen, cold cave, linea aspera, sixth june, boy harsher, lebanon hanover, the soft moon, sadsvit, soviet soviet, soma sema, forever grey, void vision, sydney valette, nuovo testamento, buzz kull, undertheskin, kaelan mikla, keluar, hante. , minuit machine, vr sex, clan of xymox, blood club, killfuji, asylum party, vestron vulture, bloody/bath, xójira, stylaster, staind, bright eyes, daylight dies, insomnium, katatonia, reveries end, drowning pool, pantera, slayer, metallica, death decline, judas priest, bathroy


requiem for a dream, trainspotting, pult fiction, julien donkey-boy, gummo, kids(1995), billy boy, the exorcist, orphan, donnie darko, eyes without a face, alice in wonderland, the blair witch project, fight club, alice(1988), lilya 4-ever, i spit on your grave, under the skin, wrong turn, psycho, alien, silenced, nosferatu, eyes wide shut, the silence of the lambs, jeepers creepers, tall grass, it, lost boys, the mist, the cabinet of dr caligari, the shinning, ginger snaps, coraline, the nightmare on elm street, hereditary, the edge of seventeen, the breakfast club, ghost world, thirteen, deathgasm, creep, possibly in michigan, slaughtered vomit dolls, suicide club, the grudge, eraserhead, girl interrupted, angust underground mordum, ichi the killer, angst, the human centipede, welcome to the dollhouse, melancholie der engel, the midnight meet train, nekromantik, nekromantik 2, the poughkeepsie tapes, little necro red, i saw the devil, videodrome, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, parasite, inner depravity, enter the void


ahs, criminal minds, supernatural, the walking dead, girl from nowhere, death note, skins, regular show, ren & stimpy, serial experiments lain, twin peaks, south park


tomie, coraline, six of crows, flowers in the attic, franz kafka, h.p lovecraft, stephen king, edgar allan poe



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sick pf

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thx ⋆ ˚。⋆

by txnka; ; Report


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ur so far away :(

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i know :(

by txnka; ; Report


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thx for the add

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ur welcome

by txnka; ; Report


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i just miss you so bad and it has devoured all the love i had,
there's nothing to give, now-
there are shadows where you lived

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who the fuck am i anyways??
miss you though

by txnka; ; Report


A1_MOREL's profile picture

your layout is so sick! mine is kind of a mess rn but i'll fix it... eventually. thanks for adding me :)

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thanks and ur welcome :)

by txnka; ; Report

⛧Morganna Bramah

⛧Morganna Bramah's profile picture

Thank you for adding me!

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✦ur welcome✦

by txnka; ; Report


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oi, thanks for the add

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Ur welcome •☆°

by txnka; ; Report


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thx for the add, i love your layout and your interests is c00l

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ur welcome ☆ thx

by txnka; ; Report


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Thx 4 the add!! Your layout is soo cool!!! btw I love Eyes Without a Face! u have cool interests fr <3

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Ur welcome / thxx <3

by txnka; ; Report


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love your layout

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by txnka; ; Report

andrew !

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LOVE the aesthetic!

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by txnka; ; Report


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u seem hella fuckin cool

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thx, you too

by txnka; ; Report


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Your page is cool asf

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by txnka; ; Report

Wacky Alex

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Happy Holidays!


We're playing the wackiest Holiday mix EVER right now! Check it out!

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by txnka; ; Report


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JUST 4U some holiday cheer!✨🦌🛷🎶🔔✨

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by txnka; ; Report

Bullet ✯ (Iheartddc)

Bullet ✯ (Iheartddc)'s profile picture

thx 4 the add!

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ur welcome

by txnka; ; Report


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youre so cool

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thx, ur cooler

by txnka; ; Report


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Thank you so much for accepting my friend request!!!! You seem super cool and awesome!!!! :D Feel free to message me anytime, I love making new friends!!!! (:

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ur welcome & thx
i also think you're cool and awesome
i like your profile 2 :p

by txnka; ; Report

Thank you so much!!!!!! XD I really appreciate it!!!!! :D

by XD_M1k3y_Br1x3y_XD; ; Report

ur welcome

by txnka; ; Report

lonalin <3

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Thank you so much for your friend requesting me! Love your whole aesthetic and tastes in music 🫶🏻🖤

Make sacrifice in bathtubs
And stained bed covers
Soak all of my clothes in holy water
And drown them like a crying son
Drown them like a crying daughter
Praying in the night to the angels of porn
Nails in their wrists, knees on the floor
Great lakes full of cum extracted from everyone

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ur welcome and thx :3
My hair is falling out again
and I don't really care
i try to stir my conscience
it was never really there

by txnka; ; Report

xX_SceneKing_Xx 🖤⛓️

xX_SceneKing_Xx  🖤⛓️'s profile picture

thx 4 adding me!

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you're welcome :3

by txnka; ; Report