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Persona3,4,5 , kingdom hearts , needy streamer overload , ddlc , alien stage , mystic messenger, milgram project , pjsekai , bandori , arcana twilight , project diva , a lot of manhwas like orv , aslfua , and other manhwa , tears of themis , love and deepspace , cardcaptor sakura and a bunch of animes and mangas just ask I might know it, YOU and me and her (Kimi to kanojo to kanojo no koi) , omori , IB, mad father, vocaloid , roblox , POPEE THE PERFORMER , laceys flash games (horror) , twisted wonderland , ace attorney, rozen maiden, angels of death , shadows house, THE ROSE OF VERSAILLES , death parade , Tokyo mew mew , chobits


Persona 5 , 4 , & 3 (way more I'm js too lazy to add) 


The phantom of the opera , persona 3 movie


(I'm assuming this is like shows? I'ma just list animes I like;;) 

Cardcaptor sakura , death note , rozen maiden, happy sugar life, school live, kodocha, sailor moon, glitter force , your lie in April 

A lot more to be added once I actually remember 



Daytime star , after school lessons for unripe apples , orv , solo leveling , becoming the villains family , the villainess is destabted to die , my in laws are obsessed with me , lookism , orange marmalade, I tamed my ex husband's dog (?) , I tamed a black dragon , I tamed the tyrant and ran away , the broken ring - this marriage will fail anyways , operation true love , our secret alliance, secret alliance , bastard , surviving the video game as a maid , for my derelict favorite , trash belongs in the trash can(? Idk I forgot the actual name) ,  idk a lot more I'll add on


Haru no noroi ,Persona 3 4 5  , twisted wonderland , death note , firefly marriage , Sodom no Hana, Nana , a lot more I'm just lazy I'll add on later once I remember but like most are shoujo mangas

Honorable mention : the phantom of the opera 


Saeyoung Choi / luciel Choi / 707 / seven / my husband 

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Hiiiiya!!^_^ new 2 this app lololol

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In advance I'm sorry for not being too active but I respond to everyone eventually (I'll dm first sometimes but I might forget unless you dm me first (I'll reply)) 

Plz dm meeeee0_<

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ty for accept, your profile is so good!!! (natsuki best doki, i dont accept opinions /j)

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YW!!:D also , real!! i love natsuki and thank you!!^_^

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thanks for using!