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"for the record im actually not emo"

my lack of social skills makes people uncomfortable

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giphy-2 Columbine, Academy Maniacs, Jokela Massacre, Cats, military shit, Homestuck, Vladislav Roslyakov, OZ media, Computers, Snuff films, liquid chris chan, zero day (2003), Football, guns, hunting, men wearing balaclavas, 715 team, bestgore, gossiping, elliot rodger, making friends, heavy machinery, pretty bound people, Gore, Nazi Germany, Germany in general, S.W.A.T. and other police branches, N.E.E.T. army/swat, 8kun, WWII, autism (if u think u know more than me go away i will slaughter you), yansim (i dont support yandev), cs:go, rainbow 6 siege, cod, kitty powers matchmaker, DOOM (2016 + Eternal), Postal 2, project zomboid, Adam lanza, vast error, did i add 4chan, uhhh call of duty if i didnt add it, criminology, writing, drawing, artyom anoufriev, powerpoint giphy-2


giphy-2 KMFDM, Lana Del Ray, Bladee, Rammstein, Sematary, Eminem, Dismembered Pugachova, Nikita's other bands. White Zombie, The cure, the smiths, Slayer, TV girl, Korol I Shut, Playboi Carti, Tom Cardy, Tyler the Creator, ecco2k, XS Project, Anal Cunt, Immortal, ICP, Suicidal Tendencies, and many many more oh my god, Lifelover (spotify account) giphy-2


giphy-2 She’s The Man, The Rebound, Hitch, Miss Congeniality (+ the sequel), The Wedding Singer, Groundhog Day, The Princess Bride, "Love, Actually", Titanic, Juno, Knocked Up, She’s All That, Coyote Ugly, Thirteen Going On Thirty, What’s Your Number?, Mamma Mia!, Four Weddings and A Funeral, Along Came Polly, Wedding Crashers, Something’s Gotta Give, The Cutting Edge, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Sweet Home Alabama, Mean girls, clueless, 10 things i hate about you, pretty in pink, zero day, any adam sandler movie, Twilight if i forgot, human centipede giphy-2 giphy-2


giphy-2 Community, Trailer Park Boys, YOU (Netflix), Big Time Rush, Shameless, iZombie, BoJack Horseman, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Inside Job, My Babysitters A Vampire, Metal Family, MY LITTLE PONY OH MY GOD IM SO AUTISTIC ABOUT IT giphy-2


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Dylan klebold probably giphy-2 giphy-2

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giphy-2 giphy-2 It/he agender gay ★ autistic + h/bpder schizo roflmao ★ leo, estp-t, jewish . . . im a hardcore fucking shut in but im always fucking online lawl... my discord is spence#0088 (ADD ME!!!!) i collect history memorabilia and i love true crime and psychology and music so fucking much and i have an obsession with first person shooters. i find myself INSANELY funny and cool as FUCKKKK so be my friend!!!!!!! (my rentry) giphy-2 giphy-2 giphy-2 giphy-2 giphy-2 giphy-2 giphy-2 giphy-2 giphy-2 giphy-2 giphy-2 giphy-2

Animated Rainbow Nyan Cat

Who I'd like to meet:

errrrmmmm idc about this box im gonna use it as a dni and byi.... dni if ur like overly sensitive and all that other shit... u can add but u dont have 2 interact!! (im lying please interact i love talking 2 people) you can IM me for a conversation orrrr just text my socials and i almost never IM first lolll. OH ALSO i talk about politics often lolsies and im also weirdly problematic giphy-2 also i had more comments i just have a complex where i delete everything randomly giphy-2 giphy-2 giphy-2

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✯ arcjec ✯

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XDXD THANKS FOR THE ADD!!!! ur profilw looks super cool !!!! XDXD

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thx 4 tha add!! nd oh em gee u seem so cool jdfjhh

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by `/spence; ; Report

Im gonna add u on discrd if thats cool ,,, my thingy is vladluvr88#9851 !!

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who's candice

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candice nuts fit in ur mouth

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